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Domain of the Month, April: Omg.Coffee

Hover on April 29, 2014

This month, we’re bringing you one of our favourite websites we’ve seen with a new domain extension. is a single-serving site that generates a new coffee animation every time you click. From vintage GIFs of espresso being brewed to your favourite coffee-related moments from popculture, they’ve got it. The site also works on mobile for all your procrastination needs.

It’s an infinite loop of caffeinated goodness. You’re welcome.


Why we love it

This is exactly what we love about the new domain extensions (TLDs). You don’t need some brilliant branding strategy or startup idea to make the most of them.

We’ve seen lots of people adopting the new TLDs in lots of interesting ways, like updating their domain names to better ones, since they no longer need to settle for a domain that’s less than perfect.

We’ve also seen people just doing decidedly awesome stuff with the new TLDs. Stuff that just wasn’t possible with more limited domain options, where most short and meaningful keywords are already taken.

There are so many opportunities to create entertaining microblogs and single-serving sites with the new TLDs. It’s easier than ever to be part of the unique Internet culture of epic practical jokes, crowdfunding, LOLspeak, and other viral phenomena.

With a simple idea and a great domain name, is now part of the weird and wonderful web.