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Our 25 Favourite Tumblr Blogs

Hover on March 12, 2014

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web!

The internet may be getting older, but it’s showing no signs of growing up. Tumblr is home to some of the funniest, most outrageous microblogs. It’s one of the best destinations for indulging in the Internet’s distinct sense of humour (and love of animals).

In no particular order, here are our 25 favourite Tumblr blogs:

1. Breaded Cats

A showcase of adorable cats wearing bread on their faces.


2. Hungover Owls

These bleary-eyed birds look like they’re having a rough morning.

3. Too Big For Stroller

Children riding that fine line.

4. Food On My Dog

Tiger the dog balances various foodstuffs on his head.

5. Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Timeless photos of some of the coolest people just hanging out.


6. One Tiny Hand

Ever wonder how that celebrity look with one shrunken hand? Look no further.

7. Humanitarians of Tinder

Honouring good-hearted singles working hard to make a difference in the world, while still finding time to Tinder.

8. Questionable Advice

A collection of really old newspaper clippings offering really suspect advice.

9. Suri’s Burn Book

Well-dressed commentary from Hollywood’s little sweetheart, Suri Cruise.

10. Awkward Stock Photos

There’s nothing like the awkwardness of online stock photography.


11. Goths Up Trees

Photographic proof of the unlikely, but significant association between trees and goths.

12. Reasons my Son is Crying

Check out the many logical reasons why kids cry and submit your own photos too.

13. Animals Sucking at Jumping

Animals that try to jump, but suck at it.

14. T-Rex Trying

If you thought being Tyrant King was easy, think again. Those tiny arms inhibit even the most mundane tasks.

15. Bad Engagement Photos

The worst possible concepts and compositions for engagement photos.


16. Animals Doing People Things

A gallery of clever animals doing things that people do.

17. Oops, Wrong Persons

The results of strange text messages sent to random phone numbers.

18. Adorable Care Act

Some cute animals encouraging you to get health care coverage.

19. Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

A place for the worst real estate photos you’ll ever see.

20. Ugly Renaissance Babies

Where are all the adorable babies in Renaissance art? Spoiler alert: There are none.


21. Brides Throwing Cats

No cats were harmed in the making of this Tumblr.

22. Things Fitting Perfectly into Things

Exactly what it sounds like.

23. Wing-Manning

A guy devoted to taking selfies with strangers making out in public places.

24. Animals Talking in All Caps


25. Hot-Dog Legs

Mayo? Or, sun screen?


Happy birthday, Internet! May all your wishes come true.