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Why your Retail Store Needs a Festive Domain Name

Samantha Lloyd on November 27, 2018
christmas holiday domains

The holidays are upon us and they’re coming in fast whether you want to hear cheerful, jingling tunes blaring over the loudspeaker or not. You worked hard to amp up your sales over the bustling long weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but as December is often the most successful time of year for retailers, you know you can’t fall into a slump. A whopping 74% of retailers in the U.S. and the U.K. that were surveyed noted that the holidays is where they receive at least 20% of their annual sales. This means it’s time to roll up your sleeves, don your best elf shoes, and get to work on making your holiday offerings standout.

Being a go-to retailer online can be a challenge nowadays. Many brands are spending big bucks to stand out and with conversion rates increasing nearly 60% during the holiday season, it’s certainly worth your while to invest. You should have fun with your domain name. We have a couple ideas for how you can make an impactful digital impression with customers, starting with your domain name. You’ve grown a brand customers love and trust – let’s take them on a journey tailored to them this holiday season.

Get Festive with your Domain Name

Hover offers a variety of Top-Level Domains, or domain name extensions, and a few of these are great options for your retail shop to use to promote holiday sales and specials. An interesting way to do this is to snag domain names specific to the holiday you’re focusing on or that highlight the sales you’re offering. It’s your brand’s time to shine this holiday season. Let’s look at some noticeable and dazzling domains.

The Obvious Choice: .HOLIDAY and .CHRISTMAS Domains

When you want to get right to the point about your holiday offers, nothing beats the .HOLIDAY or .CHRISTMAS domain name to attract your audience. It’s an easy choice to have a bit of wordplay and grab a domain titled or As another option, securing your brand name at a .HOLIDAY or .CHRISTMAS domain extension provides you freedom to have a festive landing page tailored to your sales happening around the holidays.

The Sales-Focused Approach: .TODAY and .SALE Domains

If you have sales happening all month and beyond – say, into Boxing Day or for New Years – then a more general domain name can do just the trick. You still want your customers to land on a specific page of your website dedicated to sales, but you don’t want them to believe your deals are only available for a certain time period. For example, say that you have a new sale every day of the holidays. Why not grab the .TODAY domain name to reveal the sales as they happen? You can also choose to own your brand at the .SALE domain extension which explicitly states that your sales live on that URL. These types of more generic domain names can carry you beyond the holiday season and are a fun way to create a unique website address specific to your sales and promotions.

The Second-Level Domain

There are a lot of domain extensions to choose from, but what about finding the perfect Second-Level Domain (the part of a domain name you choose that lives to the left of the extension)? Maybe you want your brand, to have a URL that’ll redirect to a landing page. Your Second-Level Domain is just as important for driving leads and sales while protecting your brand name online.

You are presented with a lot of choice when creating your domain name and there are hundreds of extensions for you to play with and find what suits your brand and your audience best. Whether you want to choose a holiday-specific domain extension for your brand, a sales-centered TLD for landing pages, or a Second-Level Domain that’ll draw in your audience, we know you’ll find the best one to elevate your brand for the busiest buying season of the year.