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Case Study: When to use the .TODAY Domain Name Extension

Samantha Lloyd on September 12, 2018
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Hover offers a lot of Top-Level Domains (TLDs, or domain name extensions) – in fact, we have over three hundred of them to choose from. Some of our TLD offerings tend to leave our customers scratching their heads on how to use them. Many customers purchase these cool TLDs with their brand name attached with the idea of using it at a later… but they never quite find the right time and place. You can always have these unique or interesting TLDs forward to your main domain name, or used as your main domain name, but it’s great to take advantage of their cool factor in other ways. For the first article in the Case Study Series, I will highlight use cases for those less thought of domain names so that you can find exciting and new ways to apply them to your company.

A great domain extension that has a lot of interesting applications is the .TODAY domain extension. .TODAY is great because it’s generic and not niche-specific, so anyone can register it and find a proper place to apply it to their business. .TODAY was launched February 12th 2014 and is operated by Donuts Registry (and proudly offered to you by Hover, of course!).

Use a .TODAY domain for a landing page

If you’re running an important advertising campaign, whether digital or print, you know that you have to have an awesome landing page to help gain leads and measure the overall success of the campaign. A link that is memorable and short link, such as, versus a complicated one such as, link.domainname/deals/campaign/example-link, is easier to work with. It’s not only great for driving traffic to a coupon code or similar, but it will be more likely to stick in people’s minds whether they see it on a billboard, or in a retargeting campaign. A short link gives you more room to play with the text and ensure it’s legible and easy to remember. Having a landing page attached to a domain name, such as is creative and catchy, and bound to resonate with your audience. Put up a creative landing page that will truly drive traffic and leads.

Use .TODAY domain for your company’s sales/promotions

If you have a sale or promotion that is happening within a specific timeline, you can create a sense of urgency using the .TODAY domain name. For example, if your company’s sale expires shortly, put the deal on a .TODAY domain – as in Use this link on social media ad campaigns to draw in your audience and reaffirm the short period of time that this deal is available. Create a link for those looking to making a buy decision as soon as possible and allow them to easily land on the coupon code or special offer you’re promoting.

Use .TODAY if it’s in your company’s tagline

A lot of companies have the word “today” in their tagline, and often due to the aforementioned need to instil a sense of urgency in or a timeline for the customer. Getting a domain name that represents your tagline is always a smart idea and great for branding. If you’re a cleaning service company, and your tagline is “get chores done – today!” what better way to take ownership of that slogan than to own the domain name You can have the tagline redirect to your main website, act as a landing page, or share sales and promotions on it.

An example of the .TODAY domain name

An example of a company using their .TODAY domain is Their domain name is a perfect example of how you can apply a .TODAY domain to your company. Their domain describes exactly what is being offered and puts forth that sense of urgency. You are already looking for great deals across the web and this website provides you the best ones you can find, today.

best deals today

When you’re creative, there’s no limit to how your domain name can be used. When it comes to the unique Top-Level Domain names, there are a lot of use cases for these cool extensions. There is no reason to panic when your .COM isn’t available – it’s the perfect opportunity to explore other domain name extension options and see what suits your company best. If you simply want a landing page on an easy-to-remember and shareable domain name, then look into the awesome TLDs, such as .TODAY, that Hover offers.