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A Closer Look at Github x .WIKI

Hover on April 25, 2022

Many of us have heard of Wikipedia, the free and globally recognized web-based encyclopedia. But did you know that using a .WIKI domain is one of the best ways to provide your audience  an open and ready source of information for your brand or business? Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Github, one of the largest software development platforms in the world, and examine how they use .WIKI domains to bring remarkable value to their community. 

What is a wiki? 

First and foremost, a wiki refers to any online knowledge and information base that is collaboratively edited and directly managed by its own audience. Wikis are essentially a type of content management system powered by wiki engines using unique software. Content on wikis is typically created and published without a singular owner or leader and doesn’t follow a specific structure—everything is decided by its users and contributors. Wikis are meant to be functional, collaborative, and easy to navigate. They’re  used to create a wide array of online resources, from the world’s biggest open source encyclopedia to your internal corporate handbook.

What is Github? is a platform that has become ubiquitous among developers and companies who use it to build, ship, and maintain their software. Github is commonly used to host open-source projects and provides access control along with collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and continuous integration. Over 73 million developers and 4 million organizations from around the world have used Github to create over 200 million code repositories. As of November 2021, Github holds the title as the largest source code host in the world. is the perfect example of a major company using a secondary domain to create a dedicated, content-rich resource for its users. Their wiki allows visitors to quickly navigate through key features, products, and learn how to use Github, while their .COM website focuses on selling Github’s incredible potential and its role in your work. This dedicated .WIKI site for Github delivers valuable information and insights into using the platform in a concise and efficient manner and allows Github to keep it’s main .COM site as a clear and focused sales and marketing tool. 

However, what makes a truly impressive website is its huge wealth of how-to guides and educational resources. Github uses its .WIKI domain to organize information and create a centralized directory of content, where users can sift through numerous informational articles and learning resources with ease. It provides immense value to its users, both new and old, which helps to build up its community in a meaningful way. The ability to create built-in communities is also why fandoms like TV shows, comics, novels, and other immersive worlds often have their own wiki sites because various topics can be discussed at length and in detail with ease. 

Using a .WIKI domain to provide information to both existing and potential customers via a Wikipedia-style information page is something that many brands and businesses can benefit from. Hover has the domain for your ideas, all you need to do is start. What .WIKI works for your idea? 

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