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5+ ways to use your .INC domain

Guest Author on May 30, 2022

There are many benefits to using more than one domain extension for your business. Securing your domain name on various extensions helps to ensure you have full control over your image and the safety of your customer’s experience with your brand or business. A .INC domain is a great candidate to begin with. The ‘inc’ in .INC stands for incorporated, and can be used for a variety of purposes for your brand or business.  Without further ado, here are 5 different ways you can use a .INC domain for your business:

For Your Main Website:

A .INC domain is a perfect match for businesses and brands that want to stand out while maintaining a professional persona. It makes for a clear and concise URL that works well as a main website destination. It’s a short, snappy, and memorable TLD that is recognized internationally and synonymous with business. Millions of companies already choose to include the word “inc” in their business names, making this extension a natural fit for corporations of all sizes. Credit-building company (previously is the perfect example of a business that chose to switch to a .INC domain extension for their main website after rebranding themselves. Using a .INC domain name not only aligns perfectly with their new brand identity, it also establishes a clear and direct link between their digital presence to their business. 

For Investor Relations and Financial Content:

Many people intuitively relate the word “inc” with business, and many businesses listed on stock exchanges around the world are in need of a place to house their IR content. Instead of cluttering your main website with financial information or creating a new URL with confusing add-ons, a .INC domain extension works great as a dedicated business page for your investor relations content. For example, Canadian fast casual restaurant franchise Freshii previously used as their destination for investor relations and has now upgraded to This simple change makes the website easy to remember and provides a one-stop shop where anyone can access stock information, financial statements, press releases, investor resources, and more. 

Bonus tip: Stock Page – Use your stock ticker symbol in conjunction with a .INC domain extension to create a unique landing page dedicated to your company stock information. 

For an International Page: 

If you’ve started out your business using a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) and are ready to expand internationally, it may be time to buy an additional domain name or switch to a new one. Using a general top-level domain instead of a country-specific one can improve your global reach as your website and URL will no longer be associated with just one country. is a financial services company based out of Brazil that used this strategy when rebranding in 2021. This company previously used the domain name before switching to a .INC domain in order to match their growth plans and further expand.

For a Corporate Site: 

If you have multiple brands and businesses in your portfolio or are part of an enterprise with many subsidiaries, it may benefit you to have a dedicated corporate website. This acts as a centralized directory for all the brands and businesses under your corporate umbrella while protecting your brand identity and solidifying its legitimacy. When the product design agency decided to create a holding company that partnered with digital agencies around the globe, securing their .INC domain was vital to establishing themselves as a standalone corporation that was still part of the same brand. managed to secure their domain before Facebook’s infamous rebrand to the same name, ensuring that their brand identity and web presence were well protected. 

It’s Mobile Friendly: 

According to this recent study, approximately half of all web traffic worldwide is attributed to mobile users. Having to type in a long domain name when using your mobile keyboard often leads to typos and redirects to the wrong website. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is by having a short and memorable domain name that works well with your brand. While desirable domain names under .COM are often expensive or already taken, .INC has an excellent selection of short domains that are available to use. A perfect example of a company putting this change into practice is Thinc, an innovative technology solutions company that utilized .INC domains to shorten their domain name from to simply  

These are just a few examples of how we have seen the .INC domain being used by start-ups and established businesses from around the world. Get your .INC domain today and start growing your digital presence.