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Tips for Making it Rain Referrals

Hover on September 12, 2013

Have you started sharing the Hover love yet?

It’s the perfect time to brush up on your elevator pitch when referring your friends to Hover. For every successful referral, you earn five entries into the Vespa giveaway!

We know you’d look good behind the dash of a shiny new Vespa and we want to help you get there. The more you share your unique referral code with friends and family, the closer you are to cruising on your very own Vespa! But, how do we make sure that your referrals are successful?

2013 vespa_lx_aquamarine_compressed

Here are some tips to make every referral count and maximize your entries into the Vespa giveaway:

Gift your friend Hover credit

Everyone loves a bargain! When your friend uses your referral code, we automatically credit both of your accounts with two dollars. That’s $2 that can be applied to any Hover purchase, including all domain extensions, premium domains, transfers and mail packages.

Blog about it

Do you have a blog? Maximize your referrals by posting to your blog and including your unique referral code for your readers to click. If that idea just doesn’t jive with your content, try simply adding a widget that displays “domains by” with your referral code!

Customize your Twitter and Facebook share

When you sign in to Your Account to refer a friend, we provide you with convenient social sharing links for Twitter and Facebook. It’s a simple and quick way to spread the Hover love to your social accounts!

Customizing the message you share on Twitter and Facebook is a great way for your tweet or post to stand out to your friends. Be creative and don’t forget to include your referral code!

Here are some of our favorites we’ve seen so far:

Think bigger

Don’t get too hung up on the word “friend.” Lots of people you know would benefit from a little Hover lovin’!

When you open your mind to a larger pool of people, there’s a better chance you’ll see someone you know as a suitable person to refer to Hover. Try taking the conversation into the real world by referring your friends and family offline. Or, consider those who may need to purchase a domain for an upcoming occasion, like graduation, a new baby or start-up venture.

Stage an email intervention

Do you have a friend who is still using an email that ends with or It’s the perfect time to stage an email intervention by referring them to Hover!

Gently let your friend know that his/her email address represents their online identity, so it’s important to think about the message it’s sending about them. A customized email address is one that your friend won’t outgrow, plus it’s more professional and easier to remember!

Offer security with personal domains

There are so many reasons to register your own “firstnamelastname” domain! Yet, you likely know a lot of people who still haven’t claimed their online identity. Help your friends secure their own slice of the Internet pie with a personal domain name!

Try offering your friend a .ME extension for a personal domain. They’re on sale for just $15 until the end of September (which just so happens to be in perfect sync with the Vespa contest)! :)

Speak from your heart

Share the Hover love with your friends to help them avoid the complicated world of domains. Rescue them from the hassle of upselling and the experience of subpar customer support. Extend a helping hand in organizing all their domains in one place by offering a painless transfer.

Show your friend how they can get the most out of their online identity! It’s not all about the Hover credit that you and your friend will be earning, nor is it about the Vespa. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit about the Vespa!

Be confident

When you refer your friends to Hover, you don’t have to worry about us. We’re always going to deliver on the promises you’ve made on our behalf about our simple domain management and outstanding support!

You can share your referral code with confidence and rest assured that we’ll do our part!


At Hover, we don’t condone bribery. We stand behind our products because they’re simple and they work.

For some reason, everything just sounds better coming from someone with cupcakes in their hands. And, who doesn’t love cupcakes?

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