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Turn Your Name into Your Email Address with Hover Realnames

Hover on May 1, 2023

Are you looking for a way to add a personal touch to your emails? Look no further than Realnames, a personalized email service that lets you create a memorable and meaningful email address based on your first and last name. 

That’s right. You can get a firstname@lastname email address with Realnames. We’ve got 35,000+ last-name domains to choose from!

What makes Hover Realnames great?

Getting a Realnames email address is an easy way to add legitimacy and personality to your communications. Rather than a generic or address, you get an email that’s uniquely you. And, just like all Hover Email options, Realnames delivers an awesome email experience. With Realnames, you can:

Who is Hover Realnames for?

A Realnames address can be used professionally or personally. If you’re offering a professional service, but don’t yet have your own domain name or website, Realnames can help you make a more professional first impression than you would with a generic free email address. It’s also a great option for anyone who wants a secure, privacy-conscious, and ad-free personal email.  

A email address is perfect for: 

How to grab your Hover Realnames email

Realnames has email addresses for thousands of surnames. Want to see if your name is available? Simply go to the Realnames page, type in your first and last name, and hit search.

Get started.