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.Link Domains Are Now Available

Hover on April 17, 2014
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You can now register and manage .link domains right here at Hover.

.Link domains are a little different than the other domain extensions we’ve been launching since February, when ICANN started expanding the number of TLDs. A lot of the new TLDs are descriptive of the website’s topic and have meaning built right in. For example, artists can showcase their work with .gallery domains, while .clothing is perfect for storefronts, tailors, and anyone in the clothing industry.

.Link is unique because it’s truly generic. Since a hyperlink is just the way we connect with info online, the .link extension can be a good fit for nearly any domain. It’s for, well, links.

What can I do with a .link domain?

Since .link domains are inherently generic, all kinds of ideas, projects and brands can use them. But, we’ve seen some other creative uses for .link domains as well. Here are just a couple ideas we think are pretty neat:

Personal Directory

A .link domain would make a great directory for your personal links. You can use Hover’s domain forwarding feature to direct users to your social profiles, such as Or, you can set up subdomain forwarding in the same way to use

Customized URL Shortening

You can also use your .link domain with a URL shortening service, like It’s a great way to brand the content you’d like to share online. Using your .link domain name, “” would take the place of “” in a shortened URL.

So, your link would appear like this: “”

Instead of like this: “”

Get a highfive-worthy domain name

With seven billion increasingly tech-savvy people on Earth, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the best possible domain for your project. Plenty of great domains are available for .link, so you have a better chance of finding one that’s right for you without compromising.

That also means there are endless opportunities for entertaining websites and microblogs, which we’ve payed homage to in the past. Searching for funny keywords can spark pretty brilliant microblogging ideas, like or

By the way, .link domains are officially the most affordable domain extension. For just $10/yr., you get four letters for less than the price of three in the comparable .com. Bargain, right?

Try searching some of your own keywords for some creative inspiration:


Stay tuned! We’ll be launching many more new TLDs over the next few months. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook where we’ll be making announcements.