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How Owning the New .INC Domain Name Benefits Your Company

Samantha Lloyd on May 3, 2019
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Choosing a domain name for your company comes with a lot of decisions. It can feel like a weighted task – this domain will likely be with you for a while. It’ll get printed on business cards and swag, it’ll be present on your social channels, ads will land your customers on it. You want your domain name to be reflective of your brand and easy to remember, that’s a given. You recently went through the process of incorporation (yes, your new company is serious business!) and now that you’ve taken the plunge, you want a domain name that sums up what your business is, but also provides a little something extra. Can you somehow combine your perfect domain name with your need to launch a company and all that’s entangled in that?

Believe it or not, this isn’t a huge ask! The new .INC domain name (released May 7 2019 at 1600 UTC on Hover) comes with a suite of discounts and features to get your company off the ground and pushing forward. They want to be your business not solution, not merely the ending to your domain. The .INC domain registry partnered with some incredible organizations to offer you over $2,500 in membership benefits with your .INC domain name ownership. Check out how the .INC domain name can get your business set up.

Please note that the .INC member benefits vary by country – the most up-to-date information on new additions to their packages and restrictions can be found on their website.

.INC Benefits Help you Market Your Brand

Marketing can often be a pricy component of any company, especially when you’re exploring your target market and announcing yourself to the world. The good news is that the .INC domain name comes with a suite of marketing-related benefits. You can get your branding started 99Designs and get a free PowerPack, as well as discounts on logo and brand identity package. Once you’ve got a sweet brand and a website up, Google Ads has you covered with ad credit spend or matching and GlobeNewswire is offering a free press release to announce your .INC website. Finally, you can print all your new branding on swag or media with Vistaprint’s VIP pricing.

.INC Benefits Help you Handle Finances

The best part of your biz? Earning money! The worst part? Tracking and managing it all. Thankfully, the member benefits of your .INC ownership have your covered. These include transaction fee credits with Square to handle payments and process credit cards. There are also packages with Quickbooks included. Collect that cash and manage it properly to keep your business budget on track.

.INC Benefits Help you Set up an Office

The idea of getting an office space, moving in furniture, setting up all the tech, it can seem beyond daunting. Not to mention browsing commercial real estate to lease in your city can be a huge headache… and a financial nightmare! Luckily, co-working spaces have become the norm and they’re a huge help for early stage companies looking for an official office. WeWork is offering .INC owners a 20% discount on 1 year of rent for their awesome co-working spaces. Get your team in an office and set up your workspace.

Get a domain name that works for your business and will help you launch your company with greater ease. If you’re not sure incorporation is right for your brand, then don’t forget to check out similar domains, like the .LLC or .CHARITY to represent your business properly. Good luck launching your amazing next venture, we can’t wait to see what you build! Make sure to check out all of .INC’s domain name benefits, which vary by country, and see how they can help your business.