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Four Reasons Why a .INC Domain Will Work for Your Business

Guest Author on May 19, 2020
A .INC domain is good for business. Here's why.

Creating an online presence for your business is more important than ever before. This presence starts with a great website, a strong domain name and a domain extension that promotes your brand within your industry. While many businesses go the .COM route, you may want something more specific, unique or memorable. You may also discover while looking through .COM options that the term or name for your business may already be taken. Luckily, the .INC domain (short for incorporated) is a new top-level domain that can give your business a powerful and credible online presence. This means you still have an opportunity to own and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

A .INC Domain Means Business

You’ve likely spent a lot of time carefully selecting the perfect name for your business—and you’d probably like to use that same name for your business online! The .INC ending adds a level of confidence and credibility to your domain, and shows you take your business seriously so that others will too. Millions of businesses around the world use .INC to present a professional face to their extensive global online audience. Register your brand’s exact match and own the intuitive domain extension that is trusted by businesses online and all over the world.

A .INC Will Help You Keep it Short and Sweet

The 10,000 most visited websites in the world have domains that are 8 characters or less. Short, memorable domain names are also simple for users to type, especially when they’re using a mobile device. They also help ensure visitors don’t accidentally land on a competitor’s site. However, many of those short and sweet .COM domain names are taken and you might find yourself lengthening your business name to accommodate.

Join brands like PreciDent who upgraded from their previous domain name, changing it from to By making a change from a .COM to a .INC, they were able to snare a short, specific and sought after domain, ensuring that their business is easy for people to find online. 

A .INC domain helped PreciDent get a short, specific and sought after domain.

A .INC Domain Builds Trust

Brandjackers are always looking for easy ways to lure traffic to their own websites by confusing customers with similar domain names. Be proactive, protect your brand and your customers by registering a .INC domain that matches the name of your business or brand exactly. That way, your customers can easily find your business online rather than ending up on a site they never intended to visit.

A .INC Helps Your SEO

Whether your customers are searching by your brand name or by industry, let your domain name work for you. A .INC extension is comparable to .COM when people perform an online search, which means that a great domain name will help your business stand out on the search results page.

A financial technology company called Self previously used as their calling card. After rebranding their website domain to, they now rank #1 when people search for “self inc” and “self credit” in Google’s search results. 

You Need to Claim Your Stake

You should own a domain that works for your business, and here are a few more ways a .INC domain can be of benefit. A .INC domain extension gives you the opportunity to own a quality domain without the struggle and unpredictable pricing of the aftermarket. Your business is also instantly identifiable and easier to find online. When you have a domain that matches your business name exactly, you show the world that you’re professional and credible—and that you mean business.

Register your .INC domain name now