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Running a Charity? You Should Check out the New .CHARITY Domain!

Samantha Lloyd on September 19, 2018
charity domain name

You run a charity – that’s no easy feat for any person or group to take on. We know how important it is to you to get the message out about your charity in order to draw attention, donations, and a loyal audience towards your important cause. You are dedicated activist to your mission and we know that you want to give your charity the best possible footing online to spread the word. Your hard work is inspirational and that is why we are excited to introduce the .CHARITY Top-Level Domain!

The .CHARITY Top-Level Domain (TLD, or domain extension) has launched with you in mind. The goal of this extension is to help donors and supporters find you and your cause online. The .CHARITY domain name extension is available as of September 19th 2018 at noon EST on Hover.

Our Favourite Uses for a .CHARITY Top-Level Domain

Forward to your Crowdfunded Charitable Campaign

If you’ve started a charitable campaign on a crowdfunding resource, you know that time is of the essence to raise donations for your purpose. There are some great crowdfunding websites designed for nonprofits and charities, such as Causes, that allow you to spread the word of your charity’s mission and purpose and accept donations without taking on the workload of building an entire website.

Set up a Website for your Charity

Hiring someone to build a website for your charity can be a costly endeavour – and not one that you necessarily want to spend on, as a charity. To build the best website on your own, there are a lot of tools available that will allow you to quickly launch a website, collect donations, and more. A custom website will allow you to talk about your cause and let your audience explore what you’re all about. The .CHARITY domain name completes your web presence by informing your audience of exactly what to expect when they land on your website.

Forward to a Social Media Channel

If you use social media as your main platform to speak to your audience, share about your cause, and collect donations, you can forward your .CHARITY domain name to your most popular social channel. This link will make sharing easier and will come across as more professional. This is especially relevant to any print collateral you hand out, such as brochures and business cards (and you’ll benefit from being able to secure a mailbox at your custom domain name, instead of that old Gmail or Yahoo address!).

Continue to do good in the world and bring good to those around you. Grab your charitable cause a .CHARITY domain name from Hover today – don’t forget to share your new link with us on social!