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Make Mom’s Mother’s Day With A .MOM Domain

Hover on May 3, 2016
dot mom domain for mother's day

Flowers and chocolate are nice and all, but they’ve been done before. Now’s your chance to give mom a gift she definitely hasn’t gotten before, because .MOM domains are now available starting today!

You’re probably asking yourself, “what’s my mom going to do with a domain name?” After all, if she’s not planning on starting her own website, then her domain name won’t really be of much use.

That’s where you come in.

Mom’s done plenty of work raising you to be the upstanding person you are today, so don’t make her figure out what to do with her domain. Here’s how you can use a .MOM domain to give mom a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift that she won’t forget.

A .MOM Email Address

It’s time for mom to upgrade her boring old email address with something that’ll remind her of you every time she sends an email. This might require a bit of help to set up depending on how tech savvy mom is, but that just means she’ll get the bonus gift of spending some more time with you!

Think about how you’d like mom’s email address to look, which will determine what domain name to register. If you register then the email address will need another word in front of it, so will look something like If, however, you register, then her email address can be

Click here to get started with a .MOM email address.

Forward To Facebook

If mom is an avid Facebook user, then the easiest way to use her .MOM domain is to point to her profile. This will mean that mom will think of you every time she logs onto Facebook (which, let’s face it, she probably does already). If mom is more of a Twitter user, her domain can also point there or to whichever other social network she uses the most.

Custom URL Shortener

A custom URL shortener will let mom use her new .MOM domain every time shares a link. Instead of a big long URL, she can use her domain plus a random string of characters (or a custom phrase) so that it’s easier to type and fun to click. If sharing this post, for example, instead of saying her custom link would look something like or

Here’s how to set up mom’s very own custom URL shortener.

Mom’s Portfolio Website

Mom has the hardest job in the world, made all the more difficult because her achievements can seem to go unnoticed. Show her that you’ve been paying attention by creating a portfolio website full all of the amazing things that she’s done for you over the years. Instead of professional projects, mom’s portfolio site will highlight all of the standout moments when she was the best mom ever: The amazing party she threw for your 9th birthday that had a bouncy castle, teaching you how to drive and not showing her disappointment when you drove into a stop sign, and any other times when you knew that you had the best mom in the world.

To build mom’s portfolio site quickly and easily, some great site builders to check out include: SquarespaceWeeblyJimdoCarbonmade and Format.

Slideshow/Photo Gallery

Take mom for a stroll down memory lane by setting up a slideshow or photo gallery that her .MOM domain links to. Any of the site builders listed in the previous section will work as well for this, or if you’d like a free option then Tumblr will work great as well. Plus, Tumblr will allow your siblings to contribute photos as well — or you can be the only contributor if you want all of the bonus points for yourself!

Ready to get a .MOM domain?

.MOM is normally $44.99 but, to celebrate its launch, you can grab one for just $9.99 for the first year of registration until May 12!
Find mom the domain name she deserves from Hover.