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Zibbet Added To Hover Connect

Hover on February 4, 2016
Zibbet screenshot

In an era of automation and mass production, it can be difficult to find independent makers creating unique hand-crafted items. Zibbet aims to solve this by enabling creators to easily build beautiful online stores to showcase all of their great work. From there, their items will be listed in Zibbet’s marketplace where artists, crafters and collectors can be discovered and offer others the chance to own their creations. And unlike other online marketplaces, Zibbet only offers handmade items and absolutely nothing mass-produced.

Today, we’re excited to announce Zibbet as the latest addition to our Hover Connect gallery. This provides Zibbet’s community with the easiest way to provide their online stores with a great domain name. All it takes is a few clicks — no hunting through knowledge base articles or entering DNS records required!

Zibbet Connect Integration

Here’s how to connect your domain name to Zibbet:

  1. Register a domain name from Hover.
  2. In your domain details, select Connect.
  3. Beside Zibbet, click Get Started.
  4. Enter your Zibbet username and click Connect.

And that’s it!

Ready to give your Zibbet store a great domain name? Search for one here: