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$4.99 .XYZ Domains Until November 30, 2016

Hover on November 17, 2016

This month, all .XYZ domain names are on sale at Hover for over 50% off the regular price. To celebrate, we took a look at some of the most interesting projects that our customers are using .XYZ domains to showcase online.

Here are some of our favorite Hover .XYZ domains, and what their creators have to say about them:

Javier Salinas

Describe your project/idea

My website nimio is a Spanish word that means hidden, unseen, minute, unassuming. I like to remain anonymous in all my work but also love to show my work to others. Both in my photo work and my video work I like to be involved but detached at the same time.

How did you decide on your name/domain name?

Everyone has a .com. When I saw that .xyz was an option I liked it because it was different. I have had many smart, talented and knowledgeable devs and engineers I work with laugh at me for choosing that for my site and I actually love that because criticism from a dev is the ultimate compliment and it means that it lingers in your mind more than a commonplace/forgettable .com.

What do you love about Hover?

I like how Hover keeps things simple and personal. They do not barrage me with unnecessary emails but once in a while I get a cool reminder, especially when it is time to renew. They give ample warning and I am happy with my years using them.

Allaudin Hightower & Ivette Lopez

Describe your project/idea is an independent news site that covers urban cycling events across the country. We focus primarily on underground fixed-gear racing, which is done on a single-speed, brakeless bike in some of the biggest cities around the world. CycleFeed consists of a weekly podcast titled “CycleCast,” accompanied by a series of blogs and articles that provide insight and tips from some of the strongest figures in cycling today. Our mission is to bridge the gap between elite cycling such as the Tour de France with more diverse and younger athletes that race simply for the rush.

How did you decide on your name/domain name?

We decided on our domain name after reviewing two factors: pricing and availability. Simply put, was not available. We knew we loved our name far too much to simply part with it, so we did the next best thing and cut ties with the .com. At first we were worried the .xyz extension would diminish our credibility. But it turned out to be a great decision and our audience doesn’t seem to mind the small change. In fact, we think it has set us apart from the crowd.

What do you love about Hover?

The entire process of opening, building, and launching a final website can be tedious and extremely intimidating. What we love about Hover is that they simplify the tasks and present the steps in a contemporary, easy-to-follow model. We also really love Hover’s philanthropy that ranges in support from female involvement in technology and coding to privacy rights on the internet.

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