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How Working for Hover Promotes Entrepreneurship

Samantha Lloyd on April 16, 2018
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If you’re applying for jobs, especially within the tech and startup community, you have likely seen countless roles claiming that they’re searching for a candidate with “entrepreneurial spirit.” But, what does that mean? Likely, they’re looking for someone who can take charge of their own work, strategize, measure, and pivot when needed. Someone who is innovative and can handle multiple tasks at once. Someone who can make smart decisions, find opportunities, and plan accordingly. Someone who can be their own boss.

But how many positions actually want that person? That was an issue I faced when I was searching for my ideal role. Wanting to exit running a small business in order to make an impact at a larger tech company was met with a lot of questions. Many interviewers wondered if I’d be difficult to manage or wouldn’t take direction, due to being used to being my own boss. I had one CMO take over an interview to berate me for an hour on why I could possibly want to leave running a small business for something new. I left feeling confused and wondering if I was making a mistake.

I asked most of these potential employers if I would have control over my own work. I thought that these companies were searching for someone they could trust to handle their own day-to-day. Instead, many of these companies insisted on their staff coming into the office daily, that the work would need to be approved by the manager, and other indicators that they were not looking for someone who was seeking autonomy. The type of entrepreneurial spirit most companies seemed to want involved working beyond a typical work week and answering email at all times.

For all the ill-fitting companies I had interviewed with, there were a few really good ones who were truly searching for the entrepreneur-type and I had a great experience with them, but none compared to Hover. Finding and accepting Tucows’ position at Hover still feels too good to be true. I was told that the position was entirely what I made it to be, and so far it has proven to be everything it claimed. Working for Hover, and Tucows overall, means that you have autonomy over your work, you can work remote, and you can make decisions that have small and large impacts on the company. I am surrounded by really innovative people, many of whom have had experience running their own businesses or in the challenging world of freelance. I feel lucky to work at an international and publicly-traded company that has a startup feel.

If you’re thinking of switching from entrepreneurship to the corporate world, you need to find the company whose values align with yours. Check out Tucows’ careers page – we’re always looking for talented and take-charge individuals. Learn more about finding the perfect company fit at the Women in Tech Week’s Future Faces of Tech Session where I’ll be a panelist. You’ll learn about balancing the entrepreneurial mindset in a corporate environment and how finding the right fit is key to your success. Know which questions to ask in an interview and which questions asked of you are an indication that the company is a great fit, or otherwise. I hope to see you at the Women in Tech Week event, Toronto! I will be speaking this June alongside some brilliant leaders.

By the way: Hover and Tucows will be at Hackernest for their Toronto tech social on April 30th and we’re looking for developers! Make sure to stop by our booth and see if we’re the right fit for you. Ask us questions and learn more about the roles we’re searching for. Keep watch on Tucows’ careers page to see if we’ve got the perfect position for you. We are currently looking for a Software Engineer and other engineering roles.