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Why Canadians Should Use .CA for Their Businesses

Samantha Lloyd on November 6, 2019
A large, red canada 1867 cup

You may have seen the .CA Domain Squad around recently, and if you haven’t – beware! They’re on the lookout for Canadians who aren’t using a .CA domain name. When you don’t use a .CA domain name for your local Canadian business, you’re basically telling the world that you don’t care about hockey, saying sorry, and maple syrup, which we all know greatly offends the .CA Domain Squad! 

Why Canadians Should Have a .CA Domain

Okay, you get the picture! The .CA Domain Squad take their domain name seriously. There are a few benefits to owning a Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), aside from ensuring the Squad doesn’t come after you. 😉

.ca domain squad
.CA Domain Squad doesn’t take kindly to strangers!
  1. .CA is exclusive to Canadians, meaning you need to have a presence in Canada to actually qualify for one of these domain names. It establishes trust amongst Canadian customers when they see your brand on a .CA domain, as well. 77% of Canadians say they prefer supporting Canadian businesses and 64% agree that Canadian businesses should have a .CA.
  2. Your original domain choice is taken and that is always an awful feeling. A good solution when searching for a domain name is to explore other options beyond your typical go-tos. Give a ccTLD a try. The .CA domain name has 2.8 million domains under management and despite that large number there is a ton of room for new businesses to come in and get their ideal domain name. No need to hyphenate, go with extra-long domain names, or rename your company altogether.
  3. Your branding will look great in .CA. When you don that new company swag shirt or pass out your notebook-and-pen combo at events, you want a simple and memorable domain to grace your swag. A short domain is always preferable in this instance. Improve your brand marketing with a memorable domain name. A short .CA domain looks great on packaging too.
  4. .CA is made for Canadians selling their products or services to Canadian customers. ccTLDs tend to be given preference when local searches are performed (such as “apple picking near me”). 83% of Canadian internet users prefer shopping on a site with a .CA domain name. .CA lets customers know that you’re headquartered in Canada, that their prices and shipping are in Canadian dollars, and that you service Canadians!
  5. Investing in .CA is good for business as your .CA purchase gives back through CIRA’s Community Investment Program. CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registry Association and it manages the .CA domain name. Their Community Investment Program has distributed $6.7 million (so far!) in 151 innovative project funds.
  6. Show off your Canadian pride and attract partnerships with other Canadian businesses. Being a Canadian company can be a competitive advantage for many reasons, so why not show it off?
  7. Hover is proudly Canadian We let customers know through local search that we are part of the Toronto and Canadian tech ecosystem and have been since the early days of the Internet. Join us in showing off that Canadian pride!

Already Own a Domain? .CA Can Provide Brand Protection!

What could be better than being protected by the .CA Domain Squad?! If you already have an established brand on another domain extension, you can choose to own the .CA domain name for brand protection. Forwarding your .CA domain name to your go-to URL (and vice versa) provides the flexibility you need in managing multiple domains while also securing your company or personal name on a Canadian extension.

.ca domain squad
.CA Domain Squad is looking for you!

There are many reasons to own a .CA domain name for your Canadian business. If you spot the .CA Domain Squad in your city, tag us in pictures on our Twitter.