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Celebrate World Art Day with .ART Domains

Hover on April 12, 2022

Celebrate World Art Day on April 15 with .ART domains! .ART is the art world’s digital domain, offering unique website names that can set you apart from the online crowd. It’s a place where artists, institutions, professionals and creatives can register a clear and concise website address that reflects their occupation and belonging. By choosing yourname.ART as your digital identity, you create a point of entry for all enquiries about your professional background, work, and projects. Here are a few of our favourite reasons why you should get yourself a .ART domain:  

Your Domain Name is Your Identifier 

A true artist is global by definition. Easily understood in all languages, .ART is the perfect identifier to communicate what you really are. Due to the domain zone’s relatively young age, there is a high chance you can find an absolute perfect match for your art project, which may be unavailable elsewhere, at an affordable price. 

Your Space – Your Rules

Fast-paced online spaces like social media can make it difficult to have agency over how and where your content is displayed. However, as a website owner you are the only one deciding how, when and what to showcase. A website on .ART can be anything: a point of entry for all social media accounts, an online portfolio, a marketplace that generates a revenue stream or a cool name for your NFT.

Enhanced Online Presence 

Word of mouth is still a powerful tool of recognition, the effect of which can be amplified using digital tools. The .ART registry provides an opportunity for its adopters to have their artwork and announcements shared across .ART’s global channels, including their blog, newsletters and social media accounts. Being part of the .ART community helps drive traffic to users websites. 

Case Studies

For almost five years now, .ART adopters have been a testimony to the domain extension’s creative diversity. Painters, photographers, writers, musicians, pilots, scientists, coffee enthusiasts, furniture makers, craftsmen, models, sustainability warriors…the list goes on. In honor of World Art Day, we want to highlight a few key users of the .ART domain. 

The art of music 

“There is no noise, only sound”, said John Cage, composer and music theorist. One would guess that Melissa Gueiros (, an interdisciplinary Brazilian artist focused on drum art, agrees. She aims to merge music with visual arts and answer the eternal question of “who am I” through it. 

Filippo Fabri ( has a degree in Systems Engineering, which he didn’t think was challenging enough, so he completed piano studies at the same time. Fabbri is a multi-instrumentalist and sound artist who founded and directs the Professional License “Sound and Image Techniques” at French IUT de Cachan.  

The art of comics

Are you a Marvel fan? Do some of your best childhood memories come from books like Tintin, Batman or Archie? Modern comic artists such as KAWS, Kenny Scharf, and Takashi Murakami are now finding inspiration for their work in comics and cartoons. Numerous comic artists choose .ART for their domains including Justin Castaneda (, winner of the 2015 S.P.A.C.E. Prize for Best Web Comic. There’s also, “the love child” of Bird and Ethan Mongin. Illustrators and storytellers, they collaborate on paintings, graphic novels, and on projects ranging from magazine illustrations to clothing design. Their love for science fiction, horror and all sub-genres of metal are perceptible in their spectacular illustrations.  

Celebrate World Art Day with a domain of your own! Get yours on sale for only $2.99 from April 13-15.