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Why a Good Domain Name Matters

Guest Author on October 19, 2020
domain names matter - person at laptop searching for the best domain name

You likely already have a domain name for your business, but is it a good domain name or just good enough? Finding the perfect domain for your business is similar to finding the perfect location for your shop. You need to be easy to find and hard to forget. 

When you first launched your business you may have jumped the gun and selected whatever was available, but it isn’t too late to upgrade to a better domain name like .INC. Give your business and your customers the best chance at success with a domain name that works for you, not against you. You now have the opportunity to own a perfect match. 

Here are our top three reasons why having a perfectly-matched domain name matters.

Collab.INC screenshot

Improve Brand Recognition 

Owning the exact match to your business name allows for brand continuity, enhances brand recognition and shows strength. Removing extra characters or words such as “the” or “get” before your domain name can detract from your brand.

To give you an example, Collab Inc was previously using and having trouble with brand name confusion. By upgrading to it now has a domain that is perfectly matched to its brand name. This makes it easier to find and consistent with its branding and online presence.

Ghost.INC upgraded to a good domain name

Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

Just like how people find your physical storefront with a physical address, your domain name is where they will find your digital store. If your domain name is different from your brand name there is an added step for customers and room for confusion. Moz says we should, “Strive for domain names that are short, easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to say.”

Extra characters or long domain names make it hard to remember your address and make it that much harder to ensure your customers get to your website. A short and simple domain name makes it easier for customers to remember, allowing for an increase in visibility to your website.

Ghost was using as their domain name. When they dropped the extra characters and upgraded to, a concise and professional domain emerged.

Strengthen Your Security

If you’re serious about finding a good domain name, know that a .INC domain means business. Millions of company names end with .INC but only one can own your brand name or industry keyword. Slidebean Inc, for example, was able to secure, which was not only the name of their new venture, Design Inc but also a high-quality industry keyword.

Protecting your brand name online is an important step in protecting your brand’s reputation and also your customers’. With so much communication with customers, clientele, and personnel now happening online, you cannot jeopardize those relationships by allowing fraudulent domains and websites to send out content in your business name. 

Take your business to the next level and own your brand name with a .INC domain. 

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