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Hover Updates

Three New Features of Webmail You’ll Love!

Sarah Georges on August 31, 2012
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Back in July we announced some exciting updates to Hover Webmail. Here are three features of Webmail we think you’ll love:

Refreshed look and feel

If you’ve previewed the updated version of webmail, the overall look and feel is probably what you noticed first. Aside from the noticeably cleaner, sleeker look of the interface, we’ve changed things up a bit to be more organized than ever. You’ll see easy-to navigate tabs and a far more readable interface. The address book has gotten a makeover, featuring a new three-pane layout. We’ve also added a usage bar which, as you might imagine, shows how much storage space you’ve used up. Have a look at the screenshot below, we think you’ll like what you see :-)

Improved browser support

With added support for Chrome and Safari 4, use your favorite browser without compromising your email experience. These browsers are supported in both the Standard and Basic interfaces. If you’re experiencing any difficulties with your webmail, make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser or give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST.

Overall speed and responsiveness

Speed is important. The new updated webmail features email-wide improvements to response time by reducing the size of the Javascript modules of the web app.

To start using the updated version of webmail, select the ‘Preview’ option when logging in to your account. You still have the option to switch back to the older version of webmail if you so desire.

If you’ve already been using the new Webmail preview, let us know what you think at – we’d love to hear your thoughts!