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Sign in with Magic Token

Hover on September 7, 2021

Never get locked out of your account again with Hover’s Sign in with Magic Token feature. 

These days it’s easy to get bogged down in keeping track of the many usernames and passwords we have for our various online accounts. We get how annoying remembering and having to reset your username and password can be, and that’s why we created Sign in with Magic Token. 

How does Sign in with Magic Token work?

Sign in with Magic Token streamlines the sign in process and ensures that you won’t get locked out of your account. You can think of it as a password-less login method. With Sign in with Magic Token, you don’t need to input your username or password. Instead, you simply enter your email address and we send you a temporary sign in token that you then use to log in to your account. It’s a much easier way to sign in to your Hover account, especially if you don’t frequently log in, or aren’t in the habit of using a password manager to store your various credentials. No more hitting ‘forgot username’ or ‘forgot password’! 

Is this secure?

Sign in with Magic Token is as secure as a traditional username and password login. In both cases, there’s the potential risk that someone with access to your email account could hack into your account. For added protection, we recommend all accounts enable our two-factor authentication feature, which works seamlessly alongside Sign in with Magic Token. You will still be prompted to complete the two-factor authentication (if enabled) before you are granted access to your account. 

Additionally, Sign in with Magic Token only works on accounts where the customer has verified their email address. If a customer with a non-verified email attempts to use Sign in with Magic Token, we email them to tell them that while they do have an account, we can’t let them use Sign in with Magic Token until they verify their email address. Customers with unverified email addresses will be directed to use the traditional username + password method instead. Click here for more info on how to verify for your Hover account email.

What if I have more than one Hover account?

If you have multiple Hover accounts using the same email address (and you’ve verified the email address across all accounts), Sign in with Magic Token will automatically prompt you to select which account you want to sign into. If a user provides an email address that isn’t associated with a Hover account, we email that address to notify them that no associated Hover account was found.

Set up Sign in with Magic Token to log in to your account with ease. Say goodbye to the scramble of trying to remember your username, password or having to go to lengths to gain access to your account.