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Proud to Be Co-Op with .Coop Domains

Hover on November 13, 2013
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We’ve been adding new TLDs again, and today it’s good news for the co-operative community. You can now register and manage a .coop domain name right here at Hover.

.Coop is a TLD with a vision. Launched in 2002, .coop is a specialized top-level domain to represent co-operatives and unite the global co-operative movement. The .coop TLD honours co-ops as an important part of the economy and to helps them stand out from other businesses online.

.Coop domains were made to serve a pretty specific community, which means there are some rules and restrictions regarding who is eligible to register them.


Here are some FAQs about .coop, our newest member of the Hover TLD family:

Who can get a .coop domain name?

And, what does it mean to be a co-operative anyways? A co-operative is a business or non-profit organization that is owned by its employees or the community who uses its services. Co-ops exist in all sectors of the economy, including retail, agriculture, banking, education, and many more. As community-focused businesses, co-ops are based on a set of values that balances the goal of profitability with serving the broader interest of their members.

In order to register a .coop domain, your organization must be considered a co-operative under local laws and be committed to the seven co-operative principles. You can also get a .coop domain name if your organization is dedicated to serving co-ops or helping them advance.

What do I need to register a .coop domain?

You will need a .Coop Verification Code (CVC) to use during the registration process. Anyone can secure a CVC as proof of eligibility for a .coop domain. You can get your own CVC here, and bring it to us when you’re ready to register.

What if my co-op is not fully formed?

Don’t worry, you don’t already need to be a fully formed co-operative to register a .coop domain name. This means you can secure the domain name you want for your online identity while your co-op is being formed. You have six months after registering a .coop domain for your co-operative to meet the standard eligibility criteria.

Why choose a .coop domain?

A .coop domain allows your co-operative to stand out as an ethical business. It’s a great way to proudly state your commitment to a strong set of principles. Customers know that co-ops are motivated to provide good quality products and services to their communities. They appreciate this values-based approach to your business and can recognize it immediately with a .coop domain name.

When you register a .coop domain, you are joining a global community of businesses that operate under shared values and principles. All organizations that use .coop domain names are automatically added to the Worldwide .Coop Directory. In this network, co-ops all over the world can connect and trade with one another, and become truly united under the global co-operative movement.