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PageCloud Added To Hover Connect

Hover on May 17, 2016
PageCloud Hover Connect

At Hover, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to take full control of their online identities. Through Hover Connect, we’ve partnered with great website building platforms to seamlessly connect your domain name to your website. We’re excited to announce our latest partner, PageCloud, who is helping to redefine the possibilities of web design and development.

What Is PageCloud?

PageCloud is a website builder that gives everyone full control over their website, regardless of their technical expertise. Instead of templates, creation begins with a blank canvas. Users can then copy elements — from PageCloud’s own page elements to image layers in Photoshop to Eventbrite order forms — right onto their PageCloud browser-based page editor. Once there, any element can be dragged, dropped and manipulated to exactly what the user has in mind, without needing to get a developer involved every time a tiny change is needed.

How To Connect A Hover Domain To PageCloud

1. Register your Hover domain name.

Search, add to cart, checkout. Simple enough.

2. Add your domain to your PageCloud dashboard.

Login to your PageCloud account. From your dashboard, find the domain you’d like to connect and select More > Custom Domain. Enter your Hover domain and click Save.

PageCloud Setup for Hover

3. Connect your domain in Hover.

Login to your Hover account. Select the domain you’d like to connect and then go to to the Connect tab. Select Get Started beside PageCloud and then click Connect.

Connect to PageCloud in Hover

And that’s it! Your Hover domain will now take visitors to your awesome PageCloud website.

Don’t have a domain name yet? Find a great one from Hover by searching here: