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.ONLINE Is Now…Online!

Hover on September 2, 2015
dot online tld

Prepare for some domain name inception, because the newest top-level domain, .ONLINE, is now available, meaning that you can now use .ONLINE in the domain for your website which itself…is online!

People Already Love ‘Online’

.ONLINE is one of the most highly anticipated top-level domains in recent memory, largely because it’s a word that is already commonly found in many websites. There are currently over 1,000,000 websites that have the word ‘online’ in their domain names – 700,000 of which are at the end of the domain name – so it’s clear that many people already consider ‘online’ a great keyword to have in their domains. Using .ONLINE as a top-level domain means an opportunity to have a shorter domain, while allowing the keyword to stand out prominently by having its own space in the domain name.

A Truly Generic Domain Extension

Over the past year we’ve added hundreds of new top-level domains, which have given website creators a better chance of finding the perfect domain name for their sites. Many of these TLDs are great for particular niches, including everything from .HORSE to .DESIGN to .PIZZA. .ONLINE is one of the few new TLDs that is truly generic, having the potential to be relevant for pretty much any website imaginable. Every website is online, so naturally a .ONLINE can apply to any website.

Understood In Many Languages

When you’re using a top-level domain that is also a word, it’s important that site visitors actually understand what that word means. ‘Online’ is one of the few universal top-level domains out there that means the same thing in over 24 languages including English, Danish, Croatian, German, Swedish, Turkish and even Klingon.

Ready to get your own .ONLINE domain? Check to see if it’s available from Hover: