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Notes from the Product Manager for February, 2014

James Koole on February 27, 2014
Volume discounts: a megaphone and a microphone to show this is an announcement

February is the shortest month of the year, but we still managed to pack quite a bit into the 28 days of the month.

Two-Step Signin

The biggest change was the addition of a couple of security-related features – Two-step Signin and Log Signin Activity. Thanks to those of you who provided feedback on our announcement that we were adding Two-step Signin and for the extra couple of days of patience while we added support for authenticator apps as part of the initial release.

Messing with authentication is always a bit nerve-wracking, so the fact that things went really smoothly and customers were able to add Two-step Signin without any trouble was great. Shout out to out both the development team here at Hover and also the quality assurance team for their work in making this happen without any hiccups.

More new TLDs

Other than that, we also added a whole pile of new top-level domains (TLDs) including .guru, .photography, .bike and more. There are some clear winners amongst the first few batches of new TLDs and there are some great new extensions coming out on a weekly basis over the next few months.

We’ll keep you informed right here on the Hover blog, so if you are awaiting the launch of a specific TLD, stay tuned! Our aim is to support all new TLDs on the day they launch into general availability.

Other than that, there was the usual bunch of little changes and improvements under the hood that customers don’t see but sometimes feel through faster page loads, or other little tweaks that make Hover better overall.

Until next month!