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Notes from the Product Manager, December 2013 Edition

James Koole on December 13, 2013
Volume discounts: a megaphone and a microphone to show this is an announcement

As promised, an early “Notes” thanks to imminent holidays and a Hover code freeze that’s now in effect.

New Domain Manager

We didn’t have a lot of time in December, but we still managed to push out a pretty sweet update to the domain manager. If you’ve been in your account in the last week or two, you probably noticed that we cleaned up and simplified things. You can toggle WHOIS privacy and transfer lock with the click of a mouse. And you can now also toggle auto-renew on or off without losing the ability to manage your domain.

There’s also a fancy new icon to provide a visual indication of the status of your domain. Green check means all is well. But if your domain is expired, or pending registration, you’ll see a visual indicator there to alert you to the problem. Mouse over for more information.

For domain extensions that don’t support various features like WHOIS Privacy, you’ll see a question mark. Again, hover over that for an explanation of what’s going on.

(Pro-tip: for most domains, four check marks is what you are after – active, privacy on, transfer locked and set to auto-renew. I’ll wait here while you go check your domains.)

Sometimes it’s the little things

Other than that, we stamped out a few minor bugs here and there, and worked on making things like dates more consistently displayed around the site.

Enjoy the holidays everyone! We’ll be back in January with more updates and improvements for you.