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Hover Updates

Notes from the Product Manager, August 2014

James Koole on August 29, 2014
Volume discounts: a megaphone and a microphone to show this is an announcement

The big news this update is a brand new look for Hover that we revealed this week. You can preview it and start using it now by visiting Hover’s Preview site.

The new look extends throughout the Hover site — the dashboard where you manage your domains, email and DNS has also been updated to match. Sign in to the Preview site with your usual Hover account credentials and take it for a spin.

An all new look for HoverWe’ll be putting the finishing touches on the site over the next few days, so watch for the new Hover look to be released for everyone sometime next week.

Feel free to let us know about any little bugs or visual issues you find. Send us a tweet with a screenshot, or drop us a line in the comments.

Better password recovery

Also a part of this release are some improvements to the “forgot my password” system. We’re now more clear about what we need from you to reset your password – your Hover username. If you don’t know your Hover username, then you’ll get the option to retrieve that first via your account email. As usual, if you have any trouble accessing your account, the Hover support team is ready to help.

Until next time!