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New top level domain names now available

Andrew Moore-Crispin on April 20, 2012
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Registering a domain name requires a little thought. You want a domain name that is memorable, easy to say aloud and that can’t be misconstrued. One that says something about you, your business, or whatever you’re registering your domain name for.

Now, there’s another consideration. What domain suffix or “top level domain” (TLD, that’s everything after the dot) do you want? .com, .tv, .mobi, .ca, .us and .many other top level domain names were already available for either new registration or domain transfer from another provider. Now though, we’ve added a few more top level domain options to the mix.

With the latest code roll out on (in addition to site-wide improvements and this redesigned blog which looks pretty spiffy, if we do say so ourselves) we added .it, .asia and .xxx to our registrable domains. In the coming weeks, we’ll detail the unique benefits of each of these new top level domains here on the Hover blog. Some, like .xxx domain names, require a few extra steps in order to register, which we’ll also detail in the blog posts we’re working on.

For now though, take a look at the 23 TLDs Hover offers and search for and find your perfect domain name.