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Welcome to Account Balance

Samantha Lloyd on April 1, 2019
account piggy bank

We often receive Tweets and submissions from customers requesting new features and they do not go unnoticed. Many customers would like the ability to maintain a balance in their Hover account to help better manage their domain names and mailboxes. The Account Balance feature is one that allows for peace of mind around renewals and purchases by ensuring there is always a balance available to handle the purchase. We are pleased to announce that this feature has been live as of April 2019!

Having a positive balance on an account means that your Account Balance will be the primary source of payment for all orders, including new purchases and mailboxes. The Account Balance has benefits for domain holders both small and large.

How does Account Balance Work?

Account Balance is a feature that allows you to add funds to your account. This means that as opposed to charging your credit card (or worrying about updating your credit card and handling your balance on that), you can have your new purchases, transfers, and renewals taken from your Account Balance. When you see this new feature in your account, it will be accessible via your Control Panel:

Who is Account Balance For?

For the “I have what I need” small domain name account holder

You’ve got a handful of domains. Or maybe just one. It doesn’t matter, because it’s the perfect amount of domain names for you. You want to be sure this single, most important domain name in your life renews with ease. You don’t want to worry about renewing it, because you know you’re going to keep it for life (it is your name, after all!). You can maintain a small balance by adding as little as $10.00 to your account to ensure renewals go through with ease.

For the “I just had to have it” large domain name account holder

You think it, you buy it. You don’t take the risk that your next big idea is forced to live on a second-rate domain name, you want your first choice. Your collection of incredibly unique and thoughtful domains play host to a plethora of ideas and businesses. We want to spare you any drama and let you rest easy knowing your domains will be renewed. Having an account balance helps you manage that stress by renewing the domain name with the money you add to your account. Choose any custom amount that works for you and your domain name needs.

For the “this is a domain for my grandma, brother, client, and friend” agency domain name account holder

Whenever someone needs a domain name, they are quick to turn to you for advice. People pepper your inbox with questions about Top-Level Domains (TLDs, or domain name extensions), DNS, and all the setup required for their new domain name email. After being the go-to person in the neighbourhood, you decided to make a business out of this. You now do website building and domain name management for customers. Managing that many domain names has been profitable, and you’re trusted to handle these important domains. You want to be sure you’re always renewing the domain names on behalf of your paying clients, and an account balance lets you rest easy. You can have up to $2,500.00 in your account at a time to manage your balance. Use “View History” to easily view of all the events that either credited or debited your Account Balance and click on links to receipts for all the transactions on Account Balance that are linked to an order.