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Introducing Volume Discounts on Domain Renewals

James Koole on December 16, 2020
Volume discounts: a megaphone and a microphone to show this is an announcement

The more domains you have in your Hover account, the less you’ll pay to renew them.

Got multiple domains with Hover? Good news: once you have ten domains or more in your account, you’ll start to see discounts on your renewal fees. These volume discounts increase with the number of domains in your account, so the more you have, the more you’ll save.

There’s no promo code required, and the renewal discounts will apply automatically whether you let us renew the domain prior to expiry, or whether you choose to renew domains yourself manually at any time.

The discount tiers are as follows:

Domains in your AccountDiscount (off the renewal price/year)

Some Additional Details on Volume Discounts

In addition to these new volume discounts on renewals, Hover already offers a significant discount on most TLDs for transfers-in and also on quite a few TLDs for new registrations. And, unlike most other registrars, WHOIS Privacy protection is included on all domains that support it at no extra cost.

Multi-year new domain registrations are treated as multiple single year purchases. As a result, the discount would apply to all years after the first year that you have the required number of domains in your account. There’s no need to do single-year registrations and then come back right after and renew it manually; we’ve got that covered so you don’t miss out on any savings.

We’ve also got your back with respect to including any new domains in your domains total when doing those multi-year calculations. Let’s say you had 23 domains in your Hover account. Then you registered two more – the 24th and 25th domains. With a five-year registration, you’ll automatically get the 25-49 tier volume discount for years two through five on those domains.

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