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Introducing Tiered Price Domains to Hover

Hover on October 18, 2017
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In 2014, new top-level domain extensions (the letters to the right the “dot” in a domain name) were introduced, providing website-owners with fresh alternatives to traditional extensions, like .COM or .ORG. Not only did more domain names become available, but the way we bought and sold them also changed. One notable shift was that ICANN, the not-for-profit organization that oversees the domain name system, decided that the registry organizations that operate these new domain extensions would be allowed to set different prices for different domains in the same top-level domain (TLD) category.

This was a pretty significant departure from how things worked before the advent of these new TLDs, when all domains within the same extension were priced the exact same. For example, the initial purchase price for or would have been the same as a less desirable domain, like These domains also renew at the same price. But ICANN’s decision to introduce variable pricing gave registries that operate new TLDs the ability to set a unique price for any domain name, often well above (or in some cases, below), the regular price for that TLD.

Millions of additional options for Hover users

So what does this mean for you? These tiered price names haven’t been available through Hover, until now. We are all about helping you find the best domain name for your passion, so we’re excited to be able to offer you these additional options!

Tiered price domains now appear in Hover search results, adding millions of great names to choose from when you’re finding the perfect fit for your passion project!

The facts on tiered pricing

Spotting a tiered price domain on Hover

We’re all about transparency.  Before upgrading our offering, we made sure that our search results would continue to provide you with all the info you need to make an informed choice.  Here are four additional pieces of info that accompany any tiered domain that pops up in our search results:

  1. A blue star indicator identifying the name as a tiered price domain
  2. An “i” icon that displays general information about tiered price domains
  3. The registration price
  4. The renewal price

You can see an example of how these domains show up in search results here.

Registration pricing

In most cases, the registry perceives a tiered price domain to be more desirable, and this is reflected in a higher price tag. For example, the registry for .SHOP has decided that is inherently more valuable than something like Currently, costs $6,199.99 to register at Hover while a regular .shop domain is about $40. This isn’t to say that all tiered price domains will break the bank. There are lots of great options priced below $150!

Renewal pricing

Another critical thing to point out is that it isn’t just a tiered domain’s registration price that can be higher- the renewal price might be as well. Take a look at the examples below.

We see that has a premium registration price ($2,599.99), as well as a premium renewal price ($2,599.99):

However, has a premium registration price ($1,899.99) and a regular renewal price ($13.99):

It’s all about choice

Our goal is to help you find the best domain name for whatever you’re looking to accomplish. Now, you have millions of more memorable and impactful options to choose from. There are definitely benefits in registering a premium domain name (memorability and SEO potential, to name a few). For us, it’s all about providing you with as many options as possible, so you find the right one. You can always find more info in our  Help Centre, or by chatting with our experienced support team.

Now that you have millions of additional options to choose from, what will you search for next?