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Introducing Hover Connect

James Koole on June 23, 2015
hover connect

Starting today, we’re making it easier to connect your domain name to your website. We call this new feature Hover Connect.

Hover has always made it super easy to find and buy a domain name for your next idea, project or business. We’re also big believers in giving our customers the freedom to choose whatever hosting service or site builder they want to use to create their website.

We’re rolling out Hover Connect with four popular services –,, and We’ll be adding more services over the next few weeks and months.

Connect makes it simple to connect your domain to your website

Our support team gets a lot of calls from customers who have a website and a domain, but who don’t know how to connect the two together. We’re happy to help our customers out with setting up a few DNS records or changing name servers, but we figured if we could make it super easy, then we’d save customers from having to call us in the first place.

Avoiding frustration while you try and figure it all out means that you can get to work on your project or site right away rather than spending some time on the phone, in a chat, or waiting for an email back from support. It’s also great for us because it means our support team can spend more time helping people out with things that can’t always be solved as easily.

Why connect?

Hover Connect is a key piece in how we think about the role of a domain registrar at Hover. We’re all about freedom and choice. We offer as many extensions as we can to give you choice when looking for the perfect domain. We offer premium domains and a way to make an offer on domains that are registered by someone else.

When it comes to where you build and host your website, we offer unlimited choice. We don’t sell a site builder or hosting because we think providing that service is best left to companies that are experts at creating site builders or running hosting companies.

You’re free to choose the service that best fits your needs and we’ll happily help you connect your domain name to it. If you decide to switch to a different provider, disconnecting and reconnecting is easy and you don’t have to worry about transferring your domain from one provider to another.

How it works

hover connect

You’ll find the Connect tab on the details page for each domain in your account. Using it is pretty easy. If you already have a website with any of the four initial services, find it on the list and click Get Started.

Depending on the specific service you’re using and their requirements, it might be as easy as clicking Connect, or you may need to provide a single value that corresponds to your site name or something similar.

When you click Connect, we’ll automatically add the DNS records required. No copying and pasting needed!

If you change your mind, you can disconnect at anytime, in which case we’ll put the DNS records back the way they were before you hit the Connect button.

Next time you need to connect your domain to your website, give it a try!