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.INK Domain: Your Online Presence for Creativity

Guest Author on November 11, 2019
blue ink spread

The word “ink” could represent the media of any form of content including text, image and design. The .INK domain naturally attracts people whose work is creative and artistic whether they are individuals like artist, writer,  blogger, designer, tattooist, or business like print shop and magazine. Today, we would like to walk you through a few interesting use cases of .INK domain. Hopefully, you will get inspired and start your own website.

The most classic way to use ink is to show words on the paper. The owner(s) of Letter and Ink Creativity Studio love turning words into art and making everyday things special. The studio creates thoughtful wedding invitations and details from stationery, calligraphy, and signs for customers in Los Angeles. is a perfect website to showcase the owner’s design work as well as having an online presence. 

Ink could not just be shown on papers or cards, it could also be on anything! Raw Paw is a print shop based in Texas, screen printing fun and art-driven clothing, posters, tote bags and other goods for artists and businesses. They also take a very active role in their community by hosting art-related events and workshops, gathering talents and creativities. works as their online shop where customers can offer print goods and also check other information from them like events schedules. 

.INK has been adopted by a good amount of artists. Tori is one of them, who is an independent artist and YouTuber with over 220k subscribers. She creates painting tutorials on her YouTube channel and showcases her work to over 280k followers on Instagram while selling her painting pieces via It’s also a good use case to show how to balance and make good use of different online channels.

Another word that is relevant “ink” is “tattoo”. Ink is what tattooists use to create their design works. When you search websites using .INK, tattoo will pop out in your top 10 search results. Take as an example, it is a website of a tattoo shop in New York, where they list all their tattooists and also provide a place where customers can request for consultation. Like the rest of niche TLDs, “.INK” defines what you are doing, tattoos. The second level domain, the name before dot, allows you to stand out your brand. This could be another reason why tattooist love to use .INK. 

Are you feeling inspired by above use cases? There are so many ways to use .INK, and those are just a small fraction of it, click to check more posts about .INK. Keep in mind that any form of content you are creating whether it’s digital or physical, it could be better expressed via a .INK domain. Snag a .INK name and create your own online presence today!  

Author: Kimberly Sheng, Registry Manager, Top Level Design

Kimberly is Registry Manager at Top Level Design who has transformed her years of international online marketing experience from software industry to the world of domain industry.