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5 Smart Uses of The .INK Domain Name from Top Level Design

Guest Author on October 22, 2018
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When choosing a domain name for your brand, you have more options than you think. There is a huge list of new TLDs – domain name extensions – that function exactly the same way as .COM, but some of them are quite relevant and specific to particular professions. The .INK domain, for example is proving to be a relevant choice for many bloggers, writers and media outlets because it serves the dual purpose of communicating what you do and helping you stand out. In the same vein of the profession, writers are using the .INK domain in creative ways. This post showcases 5 interesting uses of the .INK domain.

.INK Domain Name for: Printing

Perhaps the most literal interpretation of a .INK domain name is the ink used for printing and ink supplier companies. In fact, the term “ink” has commonly become associated with printing. Regardless of the specialty of the ink company, whether it’s paper, large format, or even 3D printing, the .INK domain represents this industry well. is a great example of a stencil printing company capitalizing on a .ink domain name to reflect what they do.

dermaart in

.INK Domain Name for: Media

The purpose of journalism, the news, and media has always been about spreading ideas. And for the last 500+ years, the traditional method of transmitting ideas has been through writing. It’s no surprise that many online publications are turning to a .INK domain name to symbolize the written page., for example, started out as True Magazine in 1937, and relaunched as by an entrepreneurial journalist when it was set to go online.

true ink domain

.INK Domain Name for: Tattooing

Another effective use of .ink is to represent a tattoo business. For tattoo artists, a .ink name is a clever way to tell website visitors what the site is about, before they even arrive to the site. Just like the other uses of .INK, (writing, printing, etc), tattoo artistry is essentially a creative endeavor. is a website showcasing Tibetan calligraphy and tattoos, both associated with the traditional concept of ink.

tibetan tattoo ink

.INK Domain Name for: Branding

As a writer, clear branding is important for gaining clients or landing your next job. Whether you choose your own author name or another creative business name, giving people a memorable name to remember will help you get your ideas seen. is a perfect and elegant example of how a novelist is using the .INK domain name to promote a novel as well as her name as an author.

laurie varga ink

.INK Domain Name for: Blogging

In the same vein as a novelists, bloggers have also gravitated to the .INK domain extension to convey what they do directly in their URL. presents an insightful and thought-provoking blog, along with freelance copywriting services.

nightingale ink

As we can see, there are numerous ways that people are using the .INK domain extension. What are you using the .INK domain for? If you find yourself excessively ruminating whether a .INK domain name is right for you, remember the old saying: “Don’t think it, .INK it!” A memorable .INK domain name could help you redefine your brand. Curious about other domains that can boost your brand? Check out Hover’s brand boosting tips on Top Level Design’s blog.


This blog was written by Sam Torrey of Top Level Design Registry. Find out more about the domains managed by Top Level Design Registry on their blog.