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.INC: Show Off Your Brand Name With Confidence and Professionalism

Hover on June 21, 2021

Your domain name represents the core voice of your business. It should represent your brand with confidence. Whether you’re a start up just launching your website, a growing business or an established enterprise, a .inc domain can work for you!

Here is how your business can benefit from a .INC domain: upgraded to

Improve Branding: The long form name your business is registered as may not be the same as what you or your customers use most in the day to day. Match your domain name to the common name or abbreviation that your clients use. This will help your customers find you and avoid typos and confusion when accessing your website. Join brands like Self Financial Inc. ( who have since rebranded to upgraded to

Short & Sweet: Shake off the extra characters and let your brand name shine. Get the domain name you want without the added clutter. Businesses like Fluency Inc, previously, upgraded their domain name to to own the exact match to their brand name. Keep it short and sweet! was set up as an investor relations page.

Present Professionally: Take your brand seriously with a domain name that is professional from start to finish. “Inc” is short for incorporated and is internationally recognized as credible and professional for businesses. As your business grows, combining your corporate content or investor relations page with a domain that means business conveys professionalism. For example, Docebo launched their investor relations page on when their company expanded. upgraded to for greater international reach.

Improve Geographic Reach: Unlike ccTLDs, .INC domains are not restricted by region. If your business is looking to expand internationally this professional extension is globally recognized as an identifier for business. Businesses around the world have adopted “inc” into their name without the official incorporation status. upgraded to to lose the geographic restrictions of their extension.

PayPal protected their brand name by securing

Brand Protection: There is only one .INC domain available that is an exact match to your brand name. Be proactive in protecting your brand identity, customer loyalty and preventing impostors from tarnishing your brand name with malicious copycat attacks. Many Fortune 500 brands from around the world have secured their brand names this way including

Whether you’re an incorporated business, just starting out or somewhere in between , a .INC domain can and will work for you. Internationally recognized as credible and professional, the .INC extension shows the world that you mean business. Find the .INC domain today that is a perfect match for your business.