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The Ideal Pairing: Hover Domains & Domain Name Email

Samantha Lloyd on January 3, 2019
domain name email

Forget wine and cheese pairings – we’ve got the best pairing around! We want you to secure the best @yourdomainname email for your business and needs. Nothing goes better than a domain name and domain email, but deciding how many to own, which generic ones to snag, and more can be overwhelming for any business owner. We’re here to share our favorite email address options for any domain name.

Normally, when you rush off to grab your domain name you’re wondering what you should do with that domain name. Maybe you’re pondering a custom website, or which CMS to connect your domain to, or trying to find the best hosting provider for your domain. It’s only when your website developer or your business card designer is asking for your professional email address to put on your digital and print media that you realize your is not really appropriate for your business. You want to pursue a custom email address, but where do you start?

The hello@yourdomainname Email Option

This is a great, generic option for any small business or brand. If you’re an individual, but don’t want to have your name on your email, then grab the hello option. It’s great for establishing that connection and lets your followers, partners, or customers contact you for a range of needs.

The support@yourdomainname Email Option

If you offer a product that mainly faces support inquiries, then get right to the point and grab the email. This tells customers that you take support requests online and you can provide access to this account to your entire support team.

The sales@yourdomainname Email Option

If your business is sales focused and people are constantly submitting orders, then get your company a If sales are your focal point then this is the best way to connect with customers, whether you’re B2B or B2C.

The yourname@yourdomainname Email Option

Get a truly custom email by getting your name at your domain name. Every company styles theirs a little differently. Some do first_last or first.last or initials or first name only. Whichever you choose will be the jumping-off point for email style as your team grows so look into the best option for you.

The “I have many employees and they need emails… right?” Option

Truthfully, this depends on your business’s needs. There are times when not everyone at your company needs a personalized email address. For example, if your team is small but each person wears many hats across sales, marketing, and support, it may be beneficial to have a,, and These emails can be accessible by the entire team, but help to know why customers or partners are contacting you. Each individual doesn’t need their own email as they can respond from these more generic accounts to address the needs of the person contacting that department.

If your business has individual team members connecting with customers, then you may need separate email addresses. Say, you run a real estate business. You have many sales agents and they each have their own clients. Their clients shouldn’t be emailing a generic, they should be connecting directly with instead. And yes, .REALESTATE is a real Top-Level Domain – it was just released on Hover in December 2018!

A Fun Option!

If your brand likes to be creative and crafty in every aspect of their marketing, we have an interesting domain option for your business’s email. You can actually own your brand name at the .EMAIL domain name extension. This means that if you own, you could look into owning the domain and have all your business emails use that domain name. Pretty neat!

Hover offers three mailbox options that suit any needs – whether you need a simple, professional, forward-facing address or a ton of storage for file sharing. Our prices range from $5.00 to $29.00 per year – for only a few cents to a few bucks a month, you can have a professional email at any Hover domain name you own. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Easily add email to your domains in your control panel or in your cart by visiting our email page.

This January, Hover will be offering a pretty exciting promotion surrounding domain names and email for our Ten Year Anniversary Sales. We think every business owner wants a professional email, so we’re making it a no-brainer decision for you. You’ll be able to get a $10.00 .COM domain name and/or a $10.00 small mailbox for a short-term sale. The small mailbox will be on for 50% off for your first year. Grab it for any domain name you own.