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Hover Now Offering .APP Domain Names!

Samantha Lloyd on May 8, 2018
hover offers app domain

The highly anticipated .APP domain has finally released as of May 8th at 12:00PM EST! Hover is proud to be able to provide our customers this awesome domain name to provide legitimacy to your app and app website. The .APP domain name is part of our generic Top-Level Domain (TLD) offerings, and comes with our free privacy protection.

Apps make the mobile world go ‘round – can you remember a time before social media, ride sharing, food delivery, or gaming apps? I can tell you, I have no idea how I got around anywhere without my Google Maps app and I’ve racked up some serious data charges while traveling due to this reliance. It’s pretty exciting that apps now have their own, more secure, home on the web. We love when TLDs with relevance to a popular product get released, as it provides legitimacy and builds trust with your brand. It also directs anyone making organic searches, as they know what your website is about and what to expect from it. Plus, offering a new TLD means that your domain name is likely available and ready for use – you may have not been able to find a .COM for your app before, but now you have access to a brand new selection of .APP domains!

Many apps nowadays have a full website to support their app and act as a relevant download link, for deep linking, or for sharing screenshots, release notes, and reviews. Uber and Ritual are a good example of apps that branch out into in-depth websites which allow for interaction and discoverability online. However, many app developers feel they do not need a full website to promote their app, as the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store provides all the information needed. Many app developers also rely on social media to promote their app to provide a community and another source for ratings. If that is your case, you can redirect to social channels and other URLs using your Hover domain. Following the instructions Hover offers on redirecting your domain to any URL, you are able to have your link automatically forward directly to the store. There are a ton of options for using your .APP domain and we can’t wait to see what you have chosen to make with it!

Which .APP domain did you get? Share with us on social – we’d love to check it out!