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Hover eBook: Inspo Guide 2019 – Advice and Stories from Entrepreneurs

Samantha Lloyd on December 17, 2018
hover inspo guide 2019

As the new year approaches, your mailbox will be full of tantalizing offers and promises of new beginnings. It’s tempting to sign up for every fitness memberships you come across, ascribe to minimalist-living challenges, and delete all your food delivery apps, but let’s be honest here: those aren’t going to have the biggest impacts on your life.

You’ve been sitting on a domain name idea for a few months now, your business plan brewing, and your excuses piling up. Why haven’t you launched this incredible company? No doubt, it’s a daunting task to put your business idea out into the world, but you owe it to yourself to try. Waiting until 2019 when the inspirational “new year, new me” vibes are in the air is reasonable, but we want to give you a head start. With many people taking time off over the holidays to grab gifts for everyone, cook food for countless guests, and spend time with others, we challenge you to take some a bit of time to think about yourself. Our free ebook is full of advice and the journeys of other entrepreneurs just like you who will, we hope, inspire you to take the leap and make your business dreams a reality now, rather than later.

A huge thank you to all of the incredible entrepreneurs, experts, and companies who contributed their advice and stories to this ebook.

Download our eBook now or read more about our Hover Inspo Guide 2019. Got an inspirational story of your own? Of course you do! Share it with us on Twitter with the #hoverinspo hashtag. Let us know what business idea you’re announcing in 2019 – we can’t wait to see where the next year takes you!