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Hey Redditors: Join r/Hover On Reddit

Hover on November 13, 2014

Attention Redditors: We’d like to invite you to join us on the brand new Hover subreddit! As active Reddit users ourselves, we’re really excited to finally have our own little hangout for you all to talk to/about your favourite (we hope!) domain name registrar.

If you head over to our subreddit right now, there’s a good chance that little to no content will be there. So why are we asking you to check it out now? Well, that’s precisely the point: we need you to help us make it an active community.

As much as we’d like to use our subreddit to share every blog post we write and offer promos, that isn’t really how Reddit works. It’s not a broadcasting tool for us to reach you but, rather, a forum for you to reach us and each other.

With this in mind, we’re asking you to help make r/Hover a thing. Share your experiences using Hover. Ask questions about how to better use our service. Offer tips that will help other website makers. And most of all be helpful, open and honest!

Creating our own subreddit is a big experiment. It might be a huge success or a complete flop. Either way, hopefully we at least get some credit for trying to provide more avenues to talk about Hover and make your experience with us even better.

Click here to join our Subreddit & be sure to subscribe!