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Forward-Only Email (will change your life!)

Hover on August 27, 2013
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Do you want a more personal and professional email address, but without the fuss of managing another email account? We have a solution to that!

With $5 Forwards, you can keep using your current email provider, but with your own

Forward-Only Email is the easiest and least expensive way to get your own personalized email address. All the mail sent to your unique domain email address is forwarded to your Gmail, Hotmail, or other email account you already use! You can add a email to any new or existing domain for just $5/year.forward-mail

Why should I try $5 Forwards?

You don’t want to change your webmail

It’s perfect if you’re not ready to take the plunge to the fully loaded Hover email services with webmail, IMAP and inbox storage.

It’s portable

Maybe your current email address is a little more updated than, but even Gmail may not maintain its dominant image as a webmail provider forever! Getting your own makes a lot of sense, as it’s portable and you won’t grow out of it. You have the freedom to switch away from your current email provider down the road without losing your unique address. That isn’t an option with your default address!

Manage just one inbox

There’s no hassle of managing multiple inboxes in different places! Your emails will instantly appear in the account you’re already managing, like

Appear more professional

For blogs, portfolios or resumes, your domain email address will stand out from the rest while still being super easy to manage.

We’re here for you

Our awesome customer support team makes it easy for you to set up forward-only email. We’ll painlessly set you up with a email that directs all your mail to another specified address. Plus, a real customer support person will always answer your calls if you ever have any questions!

The possibilities are endless!

At just five dollars each, you can create multiple emails under your domain that forward to any email address that’s currently in use. There are all kinds of ways this could be useful!

You can use email forwarding to direct emails to teams or departments that operate under individual email addresses. For example, messages sent to can go to the members of your sales team’s current email accounts. If you wear different hats at your company, then you can forward different email addresses to the same account while keeping communication more professional, like, and If you do some freelance work on the side, you could create another address that pipes into your main account.

Or, if you simply decide you want a new username, you can create one without having to send one of those “Hey everyone I’ve ever emailed, my email address has changed!” emails.

Head over to to add forward-only email to your domain!