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Forward your Hover Domain Name to your Streaming Channel

Samantha Lloyd on September 27, 2018
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As a content creator, you know the importance of putting your best possible foot forward and presenting your top creation to your audience. Part of running a content channel, such as streaming play-throughs on, is understanding all the mediums through which to brand yourself and share your content. Part of branding is, of course, having a name for your channels. This username tends to follow you on your social channels and other platforms and becomes recognizable branding to your audience. Your following knows to find you through your brand name across all channels.Many content creators have a dedicated website, which links out to their content across different channels. It’s likely that if you stream your main and live content to, that you’re also sharing clips and highlights to YouTube, and providing updates across social during a play. It’s great to have a simplified and snappy domain name to have for a dedicated website or to forward everyone to your preferred platform. If you choose to forward your domain name to your channel on, you get the benefit of having a memorable and short domain name to link out to on social channels to redirect traffic to your channel. In celebration of Hover’s upcoming partnership with Ting to sponsor a Starcraft II player, Neeb, we wanted to provide a solution to streamers looking to forward a domain name to their channel.

Forwarding your Domain Name to

Hover makes it easy to forward your domain name to your Twitch.TV Streaming Channel. This is a simple redirect that we offer on our Hover Connect platform to provide streamers and gamers with a custom domain URL. To redirect your domain name to your channel, please follow the steps below:

Ting Sponsored, Hover Powered

Hover is proud to be powering the Ting sponsorship of Starcraft II player, Neeb in the upcoming league tournaments. At age 18, Neeb took the win at the South Korean Starcraft II tournament. Neeb will be participating in an upcoming World Championship Series League. Ting, our sister company, sponsors Neeb in competitions throughout the year and Hover believed this was a great initiative to get involved in. Streamers turn their love of and success in gaming into a serious pursuit – something which they are proud to share with the world and something where they can compete and showcase their skills. Hover loves to support entrepreneurs across all platforms. Hover is proud to be getting involved in the streaming community and the complex world of eSports.

Neeb, Starcraft II player and tournament champion.

Do you want to start a side project or full-blown career on as a streamer? We have some great advice from an earlier piece speaking with hyperi0n about how to get involved in eSports. Are you already an awesome streamer on Share your custom domain with us on social – we’d love to check out your channel.