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Hover on October 5, 2014

In the Information Age, information is kind of a big deal. With the Internet, we have access to a never-ending library of knowledge that awaits us whenever we’d like to access it. We’re all familiar with Wikipedia, but it’s not the only wiki out there – far from it! A wiki is a frequently-used online tool that people use to collaborate by adding, modifying and deleting content about a certain topic. If you’re one of these people and looking to get a domain name for your wiki, then a .WIKI top level domain is the perfect choice for your website!

Why would I want a .WIKI domain?

There are many reasons why a .WIKI domain is a good option for your website. Here are some of the most popular use cases:


Many companies will often have a wiki for staff to coordinate operational best practices, develop new projects, or provide an easily accessible employee handbook. The problem is that these are typically found at URLs that are extremely difficult to remember, so no one ends up referring to it. By creating a .WIKI URL for your company’s wiki, you’ll make it much easier for people to remember and ensure people will actually look at your hard work.


People can be very passionate about their favourite sports team, book, film, or TV show. They can also be very active with a hobby like music production, woodworking or crafts. A wiki is a great way for these groups to collaborate on documenting the vast information involved with a certain topic. By providing a one-stop community-generated resource, a wiki serves as the ultimate go-to spot to learn about a topic from others that share your passion.


Whether creating a shared resource for an aspect of web development or working collaboratively on an open-source project, a wiki is commonly used by developers to document the many components involved with their work.


A wiki is a great way to tell your story on the Internet. Whether it’s your personal wiki or you’re telling your entire family’s history, a wiki can serve as the definitive resource to share all of the details of your past.

Related TLDs

If you’re considering .WIKI then you might also want to check out the following related TLDs before making your decision (or better yet, buy all of ‘em just to be safe):



We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have about .WIKI TLDs! Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 or reach us via email at

The Fine Print

Residency Requirements None
Name Length (Excluding TLD) 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10 years
DNS Requirements 2 to 13
WHOIS Privacy Available Y
Domain Locking Available Y
IDNs Available N
Auto-Renew Date 30 days before expiry
Change Renew/Let Expire Settings X Days Before Expiry Up to expiry
Grace Period 40 days
Redemption Period 30 days
Transfers 1 year added to reg term
Authcode Required  Y


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