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Domain of the Month, March: Chimani

Hover on March 17, 2014

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is coming, and we can hardly wait to get outside for some quality time with Mother Nature.

Chimani is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It’s the ultimate collection of travel apps for each of the 14 most visited National Parks in the United States. Each Chimani app is a paperless travel guide that packs everything you need to know about the park you’re exploring – right in your pocket.

The idea for Chimani was inspired by a frustrated hiker, stuck in a rainstorm on top of a mountain with no way of telling the amount of rain to expect. Chimani was made to work without WiFi and be accessible wherever you roam, which is something that kind of matters when you’re in the middle of the Chimanimani Mountains of Zimbabwe.

The Chimani apps include professional photos and high resolution maps of each National Park, complete with suggested routes, scenic viewpoints and a GPS navigator. They also have trail guides with detailed descriptions of distance, time, elevation and level of difficulty. You can even tune into audio tours for your adventure, access special safety tips, shuttle bus schedules, park ranger events, and sunrise/sunset times.


Why we love it

Chimani was born from the collision of two seemingly contrasting passions – tech and outdoor exploration. These people came up with a great idea by tying together their interests and cleverly tethering the physical and digital worlds.

That’s pretty cool.