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Domain of the Month, February: MadeToThrill

Hover on February 25, 2014

We’re excited to spotlight MadeToThrill, celebrating the world’s greatest amusement parks through a curated collection of original photography.

The site invites thrill-seeking Instagrammers to share photos of theme parks taken across the globe by simply using the hashtag #madetothrill. The result is a gallery of captivating phone-tography that showcases the architectural beauty of the world’s amusement parks. Instagram filters turn the photos into works of art, and transform roller coasters into skeletons of wood and metal performing aerial acrobatics.

Scrolling through the filtered photos transports you to another time and place. You can lose yourself in the unique theme parks around the world, from carousels in California to the coasters of Japan.

The gallery evokes happy memories of thrills past and leaves you longing for the feeling of a paper admission ticket between your fingers (and funnel cake in your belly).


Why we love it

Simple concept, beautiful execution.

MadeToThrill makes for a truly eye-catching website with a basic collection of themed images. Its minimalist design shows off the photographic content as the real hero. The site’s grid-based layout and clean straight lines allows for easy navigation through the portfolio. Plus, it looks just as lovely when browsing on a mobile device.

This kind of minimalism is one of the best things to keep in mind when you want to showcase your work, like photography, graphics or architecture. MadeToThrill proves that you don’t have to be an expert designer to turn your ideas into something pretty great.

Since it was first submitted, MadeToThrill’s popularity has been on an upward trajectory with a growing number of followers, so we don’t think we’re the only ones who think it’s cool.

Besides, who doesn’t love rollercoasters?