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Domain Names for a Frighteningly Fun Time This Halloween

Samantha Lloyd on October 22, 2019
skeletons wishing they were alive so they could get a Halloween-themed domain

Halloween is a fabulous holiday where the streets fill with trick-or-treaters and party goers all dressed in their best, funniest, and scariest costumes. In 2018, Americans spent $9 billion while Canadians spend approximately $1 billion dollars on the holiday. This holiday is ideal for those with plans of pushing Halloween sales, costumes, parties, bar nights, or anything! While you’re hopefully celebrating the Halloween holiday season in the real world, if you have a digital aspect to your Halloween plans, we want to give you some domain name ideas (what else?!) for your Halloween-themed website, party, or business. 🎃

.PARTY Domain Name for Halloween Parties

If you’re hosting a party at your bar, business, or home, why not grab the .PARTY domain name for your You can forward this domain name to your Facebook or Eventbrite page so that your guests have a memorable domain name to navigate to for all their party info.

.ROCKS Domain Name Because Halloween Rocks

Halloween does rock, doesn’t it? Can’t be a much more suitable domain name than to describe your feelings about October 31st. Use the .ROCKS domain name to share your Halloween themed content or website. You can also forward this domain name to an Instagram profile or YouTube channel dedicated to all things Halloween. Whether you’re sharing Halloween recipes on your blog, celebrity costume inspiration on Instagram, or scary makeup tutorials on YouTube, this domain name suits your appreciation of the season.

.MONSTER Domain Name for Scary Halloween Fun

So many people wonder how to use the .MONSTER domain name and while I’m partial to thinking this is a funny way to highlight what you’re the titan of in your industry, I can also see it used during the Halloween season. If you have a website dedicated to scary movie villains or Halloween costumes of epic proportions and fright, owning for your website is creative and memorable.

.SHOP Domain Name for Your Halloween Shop

If you’re running a shop, whether online or brick-and-mortar, that centres around Halloween costumes and fun, owning let’s a customer know exactly what to expect from your shop. Spook-tacular fact! .SHOP is on sale for October 2019 for $4.99 (USD)!

.STORE domain name for your Halloween store

Much like .SHOP, the .STORE domain name is a great place for your online or real life store to live on. Forward it to your Etsy shop of handmade costumes, build a website showing off your Halloween dog costumes, and so much more.

.DANCE Domain Name for Your Monster Mash

Does your bar or club have a plan for a wild Halloween-themed dance? Give attendees or ticket holders the details of your event by building a microsite for your bar or club’s event. The .DANCE domain name is perfect for showing photos from the previous year, cost of the event, and that costumes are required!

.CLUB Domain Name for Your Spooky Club

Whether you’re a club of individuals who meet up for once a week or the hottest club in the city serving spooky bottle service this Halloween, use the .CLUB domain name to show it off and gather people.

I hope this is enough inspiration to go forward with your plans for Halloween! Whether you’re hosting a party for friends, you’re a business full of spooky goodies, or a bar with huge monster mash plans underway, there’s always a domain name for your needs.