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ccTLD of the Week: .TV

Sarah Georges on October 23, 2012

.TV is an interesting ccTLD. Originally, it was the extension for the country of Tuvalu. If you’re thinking: where in the world is Tuvalu? It sounds like its a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or something... you’re pretty much dead-on. Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation located about midway between Australia and Hawaii and has a population of roughly 10,500.
Unfortunately for the island of Tuvalu, the .TV domain is more widely used these days for sites with video or other rich media like animation, audio or streaming content. This ccTLD is now operated by Verisign and anyone can register one.

Why Register a .TV?

A .TV domain name provides:

1. Instant association with video and rich media content.
2. greater chance of securing the domain name of your choice.
3. A distinct, memorable web address.
4. The perfect complement to a .com or .net web site.

.TV domains are just $40/year with Hover and registration is open to everyone!