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Calling all Techies: Fishackathon wants you to Save our Oceans

Samantha Lloyd on February 5, 2018
Fishackathon by HackerNest, Sponsored by Hover

Hover is proudly sponsoring this year’s global Fishackathon event. HackerNest and Hover want you to get out there and face the issue of overfishing head on. Hover’s goal in sponsoring this initiative is to encourage the tech community to make a difference with their skills and creativity. Tie in your tech chops to your passion of saving our oceans. We are excited to see what solutions you come up with to solve HackerNest’s unique set of challenges.

Overfishing has had a devastating impact on our marine environment, leaving over 55% of our world’s reefs threatened by overfishing practices. Overfishing has led to the depletion of key species in the reefs, which has had a negative chain reaction on the coral reefs and the ocean’s apex predators. The ocean ecosystem has a cause-and-effect on the rest of the planet and an impact on global weather events. In turn, these global weather events cause a rise in ocean temperatures, which leads to devastating El Niños and hurricanes. Protecting our marine environment is a key aspect to slowing the effects of global warming on our planet.

As a techie, you’re likely thinking, “I know that global warming sucks, but what do I have to do with saving the oceans? How can I make a difference from behind my screen?” The answer is that you can make a difference from your computer. Not only that, but we are relying on you to do so. HackerNest’s upcoming event, Fishackathon is waiting for you to sign up and enter your solution to one of the world’s greatest problems. Come out to see these two worlds collide from February 10th – 11th, with a worldwide hackathon competition.

Fishackathon has many challenges for you to take on. With approximately 500 million people worldwide relying on the fishing industry for work, they are looking for you to come up with a solution that strikes a balance between the fishing industry, and the needs of our planet. Over 3 billion people obtain 20% of their animal protein from fish, and many island and coastal communities rely on it heavily. So, how do you ensure that this is a food source that can be sustained over a long period of time and for future generations? There is a much needed change that has to take place across the enforcement of fishing regulations and laws, the market for fish, and with the overall sustainability of the fishing industry.

Developers, designers, tech lovers, and ocean lovers unite next weekend to come up with a digital solution for these unique sets of challenges. Get your team ready to solve a real world problem, under the mentorship and guidance of experts in the field. Fishackathon is happening in over 40 cities in 30 countries. Find a Fishackathon happening in your city. There are a lot of prizes to be won, including the chance to have your product incubated or accelerated to go to market. Don’t miss this opportunity to use your incredible skills to address a real world problem and make a huge impact. The Global Winner of Fishackathon 2018 will receive the help they need to get their product to market, secure their first customers, and prepare to scale (no fish pun intended!) their solution to take on the world.

You could be responsible for building the next big thing to save our oceans. So – what are you waiting for? Sign up for Fishackathon Toronto here. Hover is here, cheering you on!