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Bulk Domain Management with Hover

Sarah Georges on August 10, 2012
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Do you own 25 domains? 50? 100? Manage them all without hassle with Hover Bulk Domain Management tools.

We understand that you’re likely to have more than one domain, and you want to be able to manage them all in one central space. With Hover, it’s as easy to manage 50 domains as it is two.

Allowing you to change multiple domains at once, Hover saves you time and takes all the hard work out of managing multiple domain names. With Hover Bulk Domain Management tools, you can turn on domain privacy, renew your domains, cancel domains, edit contact information, locate registry records and much more.

Manage Contacts

Contact management for multiple domains helps you easily change contact details at once. Easily handle different domain contacts including registrant, administrator, etc.

Domain Renewal/Cancellation

Rather than manually renewing each of your domains separately, Hover makes renewal simple as it was to register. Simply go to your account, select all domains you’d like to renew, click Renew from the drop-down menu, and select Bulk Edit.

Domain Privacy

If you’d like to turn the privacy settings on your domains on/off, simply select all domains you’d like to change, click Domain Privacy, select Bulk Edit, then select either On or Off under the Domain Privacy heading and hit Save.

With Hover, managing multiple domains is easy, whether you have five domains or 500. Head over to to bulk manage your domains.
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