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Overcoming Challenges of Bringing Your Business Online with Hover

Richard Howard on August 7, 2020
Happy woman bringing her business online with Hover

So you’ve decided the time is right for bringing your business online. Great decision! A common concern we hear at this point is, “I’m afraid this is going to be very difficult.” The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With a great domain registrar like Hover and the right tools, it’s actually quite straightforward.

That said, however, there are some challenges you may run into. If you’re prepared though, these can be easily solved. To help with this, here’s a list of common challenges and how to fix or prevent them!

Finding the Perfect Domain

This is one of the main considerations when bringing your big idea online. You likely have the exact web address you want in mind. The question is, is it available? To increase your chances of getting the domain you want, you should always go with a reputable domain registrar that will be able to offer more selection. Hover has over 400 top-level domains (TLDs or domain extensions like .ORG). That means not only are you more likely to get exactly the domain you’re looking for, if it’s not available, you’ll be able to find one that’s extremely close. In some cases, we can offer one that represents you even better than an ordinary .COM domain. For example, instead of, you could instead go with

Email Solutions 

An often overlooked part of getting your brand or idea online is getting an email to go along with it. Think about it. Will you be more likely to trust a business whose email is or If you’re serious about your web presence, you’ve got to have a professional-looking email address.

Some domain registrars make the process of acquiring a matching email address unnecessarily complicated, while others such as cheap domain resellers may not even offer the option. At Hover, this doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can create as many email addresses as you want, choosing the amount of storage that fits your needs and budget. Happy with your webmail or don’t want to go through the hassle of transferring years of emails? No problem, you can create a professional you@yourdomain email address that simply forwards to your existing email address.


Oftentimes, a major concern people have with bringing their passion or business online is security, and with good reason. We’ve all seen how user information can be compromised when companies don’t follow proper security practices. This concern is increased when you’re creating an official web presence. For this reason, you should always inquire about a domain registrar’s security practices.

At Hover, we take protecting your personal information and account security as seriously as we take providing an excellent service. We use high, industry-standard passwords that nobody at Hover can access, and offer optional two-factor authentication for added security. We also offer an account activity feed, where you can see events such as purchases, renewals and sign-ins. 

Online Privacy

Another challenge to taking your business online is that of privacy concerns. To protect your online privacy, Hover includes WHOIS privacy—free on every domain that supports it. In short, without WHOIS privacy, a search for a domain owner will provide your name and contact information. However, this type of search will yield our information instead of yours when you purchase a supported domain from Hover. Many domain registrars charge extra for WHOIS privacy, but we believe this should be part of owning a domain, not an add-on you pay extra for.

Losing Your Domain

Just reading that heading gives you the heebie-jeebies, doesn’t it? There are a number of ways this can happen, but unfortunately, quite a few people can share horror stories of waking up one morning to discover their website is no longer up on their domain. In the worst-case scenario, they may also discover that someone else has taken control of their domain.

Losing your domain is a challenge of bringing your business online but can be prevented with Hover.
This doesn’t have to be you.

Generally, you’ll pay annually for use of your domain. This means that if you forget to pay to renew your domain, your ownership will lapse. If this happens and that web address is one someone else wants, it can be snapped up in a second. To prevent this from happening, Hover offers auto-renewal. We strongly suggest always going this route and canceling if needed. If you decide against it though, we’ll give you plenty of notice when you need to renew.

We also offer a transfer lock for your domains free of charge. This prevents your domain from being transferred to another domain registrar, whether accidentally or maliciously. As affordable as our domain names are, we still understand that the monetary investment and personal worth makes this protection worthwhile. 

Let Hover Help You Get Online

There may be challenges to bringing your business online, but they’re easily solvable with the right guidance and tools. At Hover, experts with decades of experience have created a domain registration process that is not only quick and easy but also includes tools and safeguards specifically to address issues the average person may encounter. If our expansive help resource section doesn’t answer your question, our knowledgeable, highly-rated customer support team is on hand to assist through email, live chat, or phone. For a wide selection of domains and the support of one of the Internet’s most experienced registrars, check out Hover today!