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Behind the Domain

Here are five of the best .IO domain websites

Richard Howard on November 13, 2020
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The Top-Level Domain .IO has been steadily increasing in popularity and is well on its way to becoming an in-demand domain name. Taking a quick look at the best .IO domain websites, it’s easy to see that they vary widely in type. This is both because this TLD is very flexible in terms of effective use and because it has an interesting history. 

What is .IO? Some domain history

What does .IO mean? .IO was originally a country-code TLD, assigned to represent the British Indian Ocean territory. However, both because that region has no legal permanent residents and because the domain name is used so often for unrelated means, services like Google ads no longer geo-tag .IO websites to the area. That means the TLD is a great option for anyone to use. And since it hasn’t yet exploded, you’re more likely to be able to find the domain name you want than you are with a .com or other such domain. There you go: now you can school the next person who asks “what is .IO?”

Popular .IO domain uses

Many of the best uses of the .IO domain are found within the tech sector. With I/O being the recognizable acronym for the computer term input/output, .IO has become synonymous with startups and other tech companies.

A smooth move by some domain registrants has been to use the domain to complete a word that ends with “io” commonly known as a domain hack. Starting a new facial hair care product line and looking for a name? Why not go with “Mustachio” and make your website (Looks like someone’s sitting on that one already though. Well played.) The fact is, .IO is a great TLD to consider. When it comes to naming, here are five of the best .IO websites we found.

Five of the best .IO domain websites

You knew this one was coming. The domain was snapped up by the folks at Bricklink, arguably the Internet’s premier platform for buying and selling LEGO bricks and sets. The domain redirects to a page on that website for their Studio software, which allows users to build and render LEGO models as well as create instruction sheets.

This one achieves the double-whammy of a tech-minded website and a domain hack. is a tool used for the agile software design technique known as “story mapping.” Since this article was written, the website itself has gone down. Keep an eye out, it may become available soon or the owners may be open to an offer right now! is a server management tool, so .IO fits them well as they reside in the tech space. However, it works well to make the website memorable since “io” mirrors the end of the product name (“oi”). If the word “Ploi” slipped you hours later, you’d likely be able to recall it because of that unique relationship. It’s yet another way you can make your own .IO domain one of the best .IO websites.

At first glance, it may look like this website just went the vanity plate route of “close enough” spelling. However, it’s wittier than that: is a tool that allows you to take your Evernote writing and seamlessly publish it to blog posts. 

No domain hack here; this is just an example of how highly regarded the .IO TLD is in tech circles. is one of the largest online communities for web designers and developers to test and showcase their code.  

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